How To Tell Your Girlfriend You Love Her


                Telling the woman, you love for the first time can be a totally unnerving and downright frightening experience. Your brain is exploding with ‘what ifs’. What if she doesn’t feel the same way? What if I scare her away?



In our Instagram filtered days and age, perfection is always something that everyone wants to achieve. And many might feel a burden to make grandstands, putting an enormous amount of pressure on an already stressful situation. Well, first and foremost, let me put your fears and concerns to rest.



Your girlfriend most likely is feeling the same way. She isn’t in a relationship with you because she doesn’t see a future with you, or just hanging around until something better comes along. She’s probably wondering when she should make her own declaration of love herself, letting her nerves get the best of her. Both of you are spending way too much time agonizing over who should tell other ‘I love you’ first. And although your girlfriend probably already knows you love her, by the many non-verbal gestures of love you display towards her – Humorous signs someone is falling in love – women really want to hear those three little words uttered loud and proud.



First, find a moment that is just for you two. It could be over a romantic meal at a Michelin starred restaurant or a stolen moment at a family barbeque. Stomach butterflies certainly would flutter if you mouth the words ‘I love you’ over a noisy, chaotic table with your extended family and their hordes of children. Either way, you know your girlfriend best, and the moment can come as a planned event or as a completely spontaneous act.



However, the most important aspect of declaring your love is that it’s genuine. There is nothing more transparent than a memorized monologue from The Notebook or something that you say out of obligation. This should go without saying, but it needs to come from the heart. Sometimes situations come up in a relationship where your girlfriend may be demanding to hear ‘I love you’ from you and for whatever reason you may not feel ready. It’s okay to tell her that you need time, and when you are ready you will let her know how much you love her. If she continues to push, then perhaps your communication styles are not syncing up and a bigger discussion needs to be had.



Telling your girlfriend ‘I love you’ for the first time can be the most exhilarating experience. It’s something that both of you will remember throughout your time together and it serves as a turning point in your relationship. And whether you plan something grand with roses and champagne, or blurt it out while staring lovingly at your girlfriend as she applies eyeliner, the words are just that, words, but the thought and feeling behind it is what counts.


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