How To Test The Girl For A Real Relationship

How To Test The Girl For A Real Relationship

You have been dating a marvelous and incredible girl for some time, and you are close to falling in love with her. At this stage, it’s more than normal to feel insecure if she loves you too


You love her but not too sure if she too? Now you want to test the girl?

Doubts, fear of betrayal and being abandoned again are only some side effects of being in love with someone.

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Let’s explore some tips to help you recognize when a girl is ready for a commitment:

Behave as if something terrible happened to you

you failed an exam, your parents fight all the time or you just got sick. Test the girl and know her reactions. If she is ready to listen to you and take time to comfort you she’s the one. A real girl will never ever leave you just because you are in mess. She will stay with you through the ups and downs.


Real Girl is selfless

She is ready to give you anything without expectations. That’s why you need to be sure that you are with someone who has as big of a heart as you do. If you do not, you may feel as if you are treated unfairly by her. This may culminate into feelings of being taken advantage of, disappointment and even resentment.

She can’t wait to introduce you to her family and friends

She is thrilled about presenting you to them because she wants them to know that you are the one.

A real girl will never take you for granted

Moreover, she will appreciate everything you do for her. She will feel and show gratitude no matter how little things you do for her. Your girl is an emotional empath caring to your needs and feelings, and always ready to talk about them. She simply knows if you are depressed, sad or happy.

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She will never take advantage of you

A girl who truly loves would not only be caring and loving to you but also firm in how she treats you, even without t ask anything from you.

Pay attention to the tone of her voice when she talks to you

Compare it to how she talks to others. If she uses an agreeable, sweet, and understanding tone it’s likely she thinks you are an exceptional person in her life.


She Wants to Talk to You

If she wants to spend most of her time with you and she always calls you back it’s a definite sign of her commitment. Now, you don’t need to test the girl. The more she calls you or talks to you, the more she is thinking about you.


Investing oneself and one’s free time in a relationship means that the person really loves you and cares about you above all. If she is ready to balance other commitments like work, family or hobbies in order to be with you then she’s the one.


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