How to Win at Game Playing and Hook Up

How to Win at Game Playing and Hook Up

Hooking up is easy if you know how to play the game. There are a certain set of unspoken rules that can help you to signal your interest (and keep his) until you have hooked up


To Hook up is about acting “too cool” like you have better things to do than getting chatted up. Flirting properly will come later.

The following article outlines the rules of the game that can help you snag a casual fling with a hot guy. Playing games is no way to win the man of your dreams, so when you are ready to settle down and find your ideal partner, sign up to and we will help you find the perfect match.


How to Play Hard To Get

Playing hard to get is the first rule of the game. It involves using reverse psychology to catch the attention of a man. If he is staring at you, try to appear completely unfazed and disinterested. However, if he comes up to talk to you, a little smile is a good thing. Just be sure not to get gushy or grin because you will appear too keen.

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You want him to put you on a pedestal, which is why you can’t show him you’re interested straight away. Resist the urge to write your number on his hand, or to kiss him. Just give him as little attention as possible and let him run after you trying to prove himself worthy.

This means that you need to keep it together when he texts and acts like you are offline, doing something way more interesting. Always wait a few hours between messages and possibly even a few days before replying, to keep him in suspense. You don’t have to explain yourself. However, if you want to let slip about the amazing time you were having, you can do that. It’s all part of the game.

After all, you deserve the best and he needs to know that. Even if he does manage to impress you, act cool and as if being impressed by a man is an everyday occurrence for you. It’s okay to laugh if he’s funny, just don’t fake laughter or give him a reason to believe that you’re already sold.  Don’t give me the impression that you are also willing to hook up.


Winning the Game

We will highly recommend you to casually mention that you were hanging out with another guy. It will get him to think that you have a million options. Don’t be afraid to talk about sex with other men either.  It will let him know that you are open to casual hookups. If you do this, you need to do it in such a way that you open up to him as if he were nothing more than a friend to you. Being fake friend zoned will drive him crazy and he will probably want to prove himself even more.

A great way to catch his attention is to find out if he is going to any big events and then “accidentally” bump into him there. But if you try this one, you need to take a group of your girlfriends with you so that it doesn’t appear stalkerish. The point of this is to dress beautifully and then tease him with your presence. Don’t even approach or acknowledge him, unless he does so first. Rather just let him watch you having fun with your friends so he sees you know how to have a good time.

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