Being Used

How to Tell Whether You’re Being Used by a Guy


Modern dating apps have paved the way for singles all over the world to have one-night stands, quick hook-ups, and meaningless flings. If you are a hopeless romantic and you’ve met a guy on one of these dating apps, you should be open to any possibilities. This relationship could mean more to you than it does to him. is a unique ‘marriage only matchmaking service’ that helps you find men who won’t be using you. On this special website, you will meet other singles whose main goal is to find someone to get married to. Men who want something long-lasting, real and special.

If you have the slightest feeling that you are being used by a guy you should look out for the following signs.


  1. He only phones after dark

If he is phoning you after dark, this means one thing – booty call! A guy who goes about his day without texting you once to find out how you are doing is using you. When he calls late at night so that you cook him dinner and kiss him good night, he is using you for his own pleasure.


  1. He only contacts you during the week

Weekends are prime time. These are the days that you can do fun things without worrying about work the next day. If he isn’t making plans with you over the weekend then he isn’t that interested in you. If he is spending time with friends or going out on the town without inviting you, you should know that you are not a priority on his list.


  1. He doesn’t reply to your texts unless they’re sexual in nature

You’ve sent him a ‘good morning’ text and he didn’t reply. You asked him whether he’d like to go for lunch and he didn’t reply. You sent him something like, ‘guess what I’m wearing?’ and he replies within seconds. Suspicious? Twenty times ‘yes!’ He is definitely only using you for one thing.


  1. He rushes out after

If you’ve already had sex, you will see that he rushes out as soon after. He doesn’t stick around to cuddle or to make you breakfast, coffee or just chat for a little while longer. This has the bad consequence of you feeling used and emotionally drained.


  1. You don’t have conversations

A man who is really interested will talk to you about your personal life. He will ask you about everything you do and who you are. But if you feel like he is only talking about himself and that he isn’t really interested in anything you have to say – he most probably isn’t that interested in you.

When you have noticed all of the above-mentioned signs in your partner, you should let him go as fast as you can. Sign up for, the world’s first ‘marriage only matchmaking services’ to find a guy who will treat you like the goddess you are. Someone who won’t rush out, someone who wants to get to know you and treat you and your body with respect!

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