How to Win Her Over

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Now, that you’ve met the woman who is perfect for you, you have to try and win her over. Love and being in-love are something that will take some time and you have to work actively towards it. Here is a list of things you could do to try and win her over.


  1. Gentleman

A woman likes men who respect them. Be a gentleman and show her that you care about her feelings. Don’t say disrespectful or hurtful things and always be gentle when you are around her.


  1. Be spontaneous

Deep down, every single woman likes a thrill. Sometimes this thrill comes in the form of someone called a ‘bad boy’. Since you are a gentleman you have to give your woman the thrill without being bad to her. Be spontaneous, think of something different to do when it comes to dates. Try to do something fun that is unexpected. This will knock her off her feet.


  1. Compliment her

Winning her over means wooing her and giving her compliments. Even if she doesn’t look like she just spent 4 hours getting ready, tell her that she looks more beautiful without makeup than with it. Always compliment her on what she is wearing, as a woman really puts a lot of thought into what they put on. Most importantly, be sincere when you give her a compliment. No faking it.


  1. Be protective

It’s human nature for a man to make a woman feel secure. If she is in trouble, like her car broke down next to the road, drop everything and run to her rescue. When someone treats her badly, be a gentleman and protect her or stand up for her. Nothing makes a woman love you more than a man who wants to provide and look after her.


  1. Public appreciation

Don’t bring her down in public. Even if you feel a bit negative towards her, or even if you just had a fight. Don’t bad mouth her behind her back in front of people who don’t know her. Always compliment her cooking or brag about something great she has done for you.


  1. Be attentive

Show her that you listened! When she tells you about something that she really likes, for example, chocolate ice cream. Don’t buy her strawberry flavor, show her that you remembered and that you listen. This is the fastest way to win her over. Some men pretend to listen. But showing that you’ve remembered what she said, means a lot more.


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