Why Marriage is Good for Your Social Life

When you think about your current social life, how do you feel? Some people might say that they are lacking in connections. Others might feel they are busy and over burdened. Some people yet are happy with their life outside of work, but have trouble prioritising where they should spend their time.

You might feel a different array of emotions when thinking about your social life. But the good news is that marriage can be good for your social life. So if you feel that you are not happy in your current state but are someone who wants to get married, then the best is still yet to come. In this video we will explore how marriage can work wonders on your social life.

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When it comes to getting together with others, it’s not as easy as when we were children. As children, we had our regular commitments to go to school and extra curricular activities. Our parents often signed us up for those, so there wasn’t much of a decision to be had when it comes to that. We may have had neighbours who were always friendly, and our parents would arrange play dates. Eventually we became bold enough to just go over unannounced and ask if our friend could come out to play.

But those were the early days, and it only gets more complicated from there. Thankfully though, we often find our tribe. They are just the people that happen to be in our circle. We find a measure of comfort and security in their presence. There is a familiarity. Since we don’t live with these people though, they are still less familiar than a spouse. And we can easily get into our bubble of just having ourselves. We come home and make supper, then we walk our dogs and go to bed. We can choose to go out, but there’s not obligation. Sometimes as well, there are no plans in the works either.

This is the way that life often progresses, but this doesn’t mean that there isn’t a method that will get you out of constant social isolation or just having less interaction than you would like. Getting married will help you to find someone that is a friend to you that you can see every day. You don’t have to worry about whether or not you will make plans with them. With them, they’re just a fixture in your life who will always come home to you.

Some people, like the individuals on GoMarry.com, love this kind of set up. They don’t want to come home to temporary roommates or just themselves every night. They want to be able to find someone who they can see every night for the rest of their lives. This is one of the advantages also of choosing a dating site where everyone on it sees their future the same way that you do.

Your future can be brighter when you have a partner. That person can bring out the best social side of you. For example, if you are an introvert that would naturally tend to only spend time at home, your partner can help you to see the fun that it can be to be around others. You might start to enjoy being out more because you still have a person beside you that is comforting and makes you feel at home even when you’re out.

Certainly extrovert too, on the other extreme, can benefit from having a partner. You might be the type of person that wants to be out much more than you actually have the opportunity to be. This can be a painfully lonely place for an extrovert. In getting a partner, they will also have someone who always is there to go out with. There will be someone around all the time to bounce your thoughts around with. And if two extroverts marry, then it is a match made in heaven. You could talk until the sun goes down about your days, hopes and dreams.

When marrying, they say that opposites attract. That can be true. However, sometimes people with similar personalities gravitate towards one another. Two introverts can make a great combination. They both get their energy from being alone. This can make for a very respectful place in the home environment. But they will still have each other, so there is still that socialisation there always available that they might never push themselves to have access to alone.

Sometimes in life, people in similar situations tend to gravitate to each other and hang out too. If you have something in common with other people, like being married, then you might find it easier to relate. You will instantly have a similar shared experience even if it’s just the ways they have changed since they are married.

Being single is a great time to get to know yourself. Make sure that you take the time to become acquainted with you. Take some personality tests. Go to career counselling. And spend time with the loved ones you already have. You will feel more ready to choose the type of person who has the some socialising mindset, or just one that compliments yours. You need to know yourself to be able to discuss with a partner how they view their social life being in the future.

Regardless of your personality though, it is true that marriage will be good for your social life. You will have lots of time to practice those skills you need in socialisation with your partner. Even if you are adept at getting out there, you will certainly appreciate the constant companionship of a partner. In other words, your friend will be sitting on the couch watching TV instead of half way across town. You can just plop down on the sofa and start up a conversation. And they will be free to hang out with you as much as you want.

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