Why Do We Hurt Someone in Love & How to Stop It

Hurt Someone


It is the strangest phenomenon that we often hurt the one that we love the most in our lives. It might seem easier to hurt them; however, it is against the essence of a true love relationship. A healthy relationship should be reciprocal in feelings and emotions. People tend to hurt their loved ones with or without their intentions. Here, we have discussed the reasons and the solutions to this situation:


  1. Immaturity


Humans can be cruel to each other, and they disturb and could damage the well-being of their loved ones. People often seek the response of their communication from their loved ones. It is highly unethical that you desire to hurt your partner, friend, parents, and relatives. It is a sign of immaturity, and you should never consider hurting your loved ones. Getting hurt and not reacting towards it is another sign of selfishness that you are doing with yourself. You should speak up about your feelings and concerns with your partner. Your partner deserves to know what you are going through because of their intentional hurt towards them. The solutions lie in opening up and speaking about your concerns.


If your partner has been hurting you intentionally, then it is better for you to find a way out of that relationship. You can consult GoMarry.com for getting our perfect assistance regarding the depiction of their selfish behavior and a relationship with that person is not going to be successful.


  1. Analyze the situation


Always think before you leap, especially in a relationship. Intentional hurting is never appreciated. People hurt mostly to get rid of some relationship while it is not a good practice. You should be clear in your communication and present your idea in front of your partner in a clear way. It is significant to reflect on the possible signs and situations, which have escorted the situation. You can get assistance from your friends and family member to rectify the possible causes and reducing the frequency of the act.


Did you tell your partner to step back and do not hurt you? Did they listen to you? You should trust your gut feeling and react accordingly to stop the situation before getting worse. If you warned them and they failed to respect your self-esteem, it is useless to stay around those people. If your inner feeling is telling you to move away, then you should move away from them.


  1. Hearing their point of view


People hurt when they do not give weigh to the opinion of others. We try to impose our will on others and hurt them. It happens when we do not focus only on what we say and do not bother other’s happiness. It is great that you have described your feelings to your partner; however, it is important to hear their part of the story too. Hearing their opinions and sight will enable you both to come up with a consensus.


If you have been in a relationship and you are continuous, getting hurt, then you should sign up and get assistance from GoMarry.com.

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