Hurting Your Relationship

Hurting Your Relationship: How To Stop Yourself

Relationships usually are sabotaging and dooming for failure because one of the partners is hurting their relationship unintentionally. Because seeks to help you in all aspects of your relationship, we explore the top reasons for hurting your relationship and how to fix them.


Communication is key. If you are unable to effectively communicate with your partner you will break the emotional bond you have with them. Overreacting to your partner’s worries or irritations within the relationship will cause them to shut down and become emotionally unavailable. By actively listening to your partner and sincerely communicating with them. You are opening the communication lines of your relationship and reconnecting your bond with them. Remember, emotions are irrational, but feelings can be controlled. 

Try New Things

Remember when you first started dating and everything was new and exciting? While it is very normal to become comfortable in a relationship. And allowing your relationship to stagnate and become boring is a sure way to hurt it. Creating new fun things you and your partner can do together will not only strengthen your bond but will open new lines of communication between you. Physical activities were done together to help you hash out misunderstandings in a fun way and allow you to have a common interest that is not boring or mundane. 


Overthinking creates paranoia. When you allow negative thoughts about your relationship to enter your mind, you are heading for a breakup. Wondering who your partner is texting at night is quite different from fixating and overthinking about the situation. Sometimes you just need to accept the fact that your partner is being truthful and honest. Again, communication is key. If the lines of communication are open and boundaries have been set you will instinctively know if your partner is telling the truth. Overthinking will cause there to be deception where there is none and if there is deception, you will have to tackle it head-on.

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Every healthy relationship should have a good set of boundaries to ensure each partner knows what is and is not acceptable within the confines of their relationship. In the same way that you expect your partner to honor your boundaries, you should do the same. Not having boundaries or overstepping the boundaries that are laid down creates a negative toxic environment that breaks down communication and makes your partner feel misunderstood. Besides abuse, being misunderstood is the number one reason a partner will end a relationship or will be unfaithful.

Be open and honest with your partner about what your expectations are. If your partner oversteps your relationship boundaries, use the communication techniques shown on to express how you feel. In the same breath, if your partner feels that you have overstepped the boundaries, you will need to listen to them and keep the lines of communication open so that they feel safe enough for full honesty.  

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