Physical Aggression: How to Save Your Relationship

Physical Aggression


Right, so let’s just be honest and straight to the point here. After all, there’s no reason to beat around the bush with this one, as it’s pretty cut and dry to me. There’s never any need for anyone to ever be physically aggressive. Never I’ve heard so many excuses over the years such as:


 “But she kept pushing me in the ways she knows I don’t like.”

 “It was just in self-defense,”

 “He wasn’t listening to me and it was making me angry.”


None of these are valid excuses. Ever. Not even those of you who argue about self-defense. These are the ones who have never actually learned any real self-defense. The thing about self-defense is that you don’t need to be physically aggressive. The key is to use the physical aggression of the other person against them, without having to be violent.


Here’s a quick tip for you:


If you’ve ever been physically aggressive and used the excuse that it was all in self-defense, then get yourself signed up to some real self-defense classes, so that you can learn how to do it properly. At the end of the day, physical aggression is killing your relationship.


If you’re in a relationship where your partner is being physically aggressive, then it’s time to get them help or if the worst comes to the worst, it’s time to leave. There’s no excuse for physical aggression. With that said, if you’re the one who is being physically aggressive, then it’s time to seek help. We have a few tips here which might help you, but your best bet would be professional help. Anyway, here are some ideas that might help.


Know Right from Wrong

We’re all taught right from wrong by our parents, as children, so you should already know that what you’re doing is not right and is very wrong. So the next time you feel yourself starting to get angry and wanting to unleash that physical aggression, remember what your parents taught. It is never right to be physically aggressive. So stop.


Take a Step Back

If you’re having a heated discussion with your partner and you can feel yourself about to explode, take a step back. It is never wise to argue angry, as we end up doing things we regret. Walk away from the argument, take a few deep breaths, and bring yourself back to that calm level. This is always going to be a much better end to things than getting physical with your partner.


Learn to Meditate

Now I’m not saying you need to sit down and meditate all the time but learn some of the breathing exercises involved, as they will help. Learn to get a hold of that stress and push it back down. Just taking 10 slow, deep breaths can make all the difference and help you to rid yourself of that anger. To find the best breathing exercises that work for you and you’ll find yourself living a much happier life.


Find that Calming Love

If you’re in a toxic relationship that constantly brings physical aggression, then it’s time to let it go. It’s never going to end well and you’ll never be truly happy. Instead, find a relationship that will help to calm you and keep you relaxed, rather than fighting all the time.


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