Husbands Want More than Just Sex from Their Wives

Husbands Want More than Just Sex from Their Wives

While men do want sex from their wives on a regular basis, they do not marry for sex


If they wanted a guaranteed lifetime of sex, they would probably choose bachelorhood.  Men propose and commit to marriage because they want to give and receive love.

It has been suggested by millions of men that it is possible for a husband to cheat on his wife and yet still love her. On the other hand, it is debatable. Why would a person who truly loves his partner would be capable of betraying her trust?

Whether or not you believe that a cheater is capable of true love, the point is that sex and love are two very different things.


Men Have Feelings Too

Sometimes, men cheat because of a lack of emotional support.

For some reason, there are many women out there who believe that a man’s heart is made of indestructible material. They think that it is just the sex their man is after.  As a result, they treat their man disrespectfully walking all over his feelings. She grants him the sex and keeps demanding that he takes care of her needs.

It is little wonder that so many men will head to the nearest strip club. And end up spending $350 for a twenty-minute conversation?

I know it doesn’t make sense – it would be cheaper for them to go to actual therapy. But it is one hundred percent true (a stripper told me).

Perhaps the stigma of therapy and the “cowboys don’t cry” societal pressure. This is what drives these men to seek emotional refuge in a traditionally masculine setting.

Bear in mind that these men are in love with their wives but they feel that they cannot open up within the relationship.


How To Be A Good Wife

Like women, the majority of men seek out a stable lifelong companion in whom they can confide, rely on and cherish.

The ideal partnership is based on matching values, similar worldviews, shared interests and aligning beliefs. If you are still looking for the one, it is possible to find a perfect match with all of these qualities on

While most men do not want 24/7 deep meaningful conversations. They do want to be able to talk to you about their emotions once in a while.


Provide Him an Outlet to Vent

Perhaps your man is finding work challenging and frustrating. You can provide him with an outlet to vent and release his emotional buildup by giving him a listening ear. This is the male equivalent of a shoulder to cry on, so bear that in mind the next time he complains.


A Great Sense of Humor Will Help

There is a whole world of loving characteristics that a man looks for in a wife. A great sense of humor and the ability to laugh even in hard times is a quality greatly admired in any person.

Make an effort to keep things lighthearted and upbeat most of the time. It will make your husband always look forward to being around you.

However, if you are feeling down then it is okay to turn to him for support. If you manage to keep these occasions rare. He will respect you and want to be there for you when you most need it.


Initiate Interesting Conversation   

An interesting conversation is another quality of amazing human beings. It is easy to spice up the daily chatter if you are constantly learning new things.

You can learn things through reading, watching YouTube or at work. But be sure to save up the most interesting things that happened in your day to tell him when you see him in the evenings.

Men want their wives to be their forever companions, so think of your husband as your best friend.

A man is looking for a woman who can make a house into a home. He seeks a woman who will be an amazing mother to his children.

All men want to feel cherished and cared for in a romantic way. Hence,  remember to be considerate of his needs.

If you would like to improve on the way you consider your man’s emotions read this amazing article about empathy. (




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