2. Ideally, when do you want to get married?

This can be a deal breaker. Maybe you want to get married now, and maybe they don’t want to get married for another 5 years. Find this out before spending valuable time asking the other 99 questions. This is something you must be compatible with.

I recommend a time frame of 1 to 6 months. This is enough time to make appropriate arrangements for your marriage but not too long as to fall into the dating trap.

Remember, I am against dating. Your aim is not to try before you buy; you’re going straight into marriage.

Watch out for someone who has reservations, excuses that will prolong things into years. No one is forcing anyone to get married to someone they don’t know yet. But in principle agree that if the marriage meeting process goes well, then they will be able to commit to marriage within the ideal time frame I have stated above.

You should have as many marriage meetings as you need. There’s no limit to the number of marriage meetings you can have.

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