If He Can’t Keep Consistency, He’s Not Worth Your Commitment

How to Know If He is Commited and Serious

Consistency in a partner is something that is rarely seen as a make or break in a relationship

Even though consistency is overlooked as a characteristic when looking for someone who is compatible, it is a very important trait that’s needed in a partner when you want to build a successful relationship.

Here are a few tell-tale signs at the beginning of the relationship that your guy is inconsistent and will be inconsistent throughout your relationship:

Hes Over Complimenting in the Beginning

One moment he is showering you with compliments and gifts and the next moment it has all stopped. You want a guy that has a balance between complimenting you and just trying to say things so that you like him. In plain words, you need a guy who owns consistency.

You also want him to be honest and only compliments you when he really means it. This inconsistency will have you wondering whether he really means what he says or not in the future. (Read https://articles.gomarry.com/unlucky-in-love-turn-things-around-get-lucky/

He Has no Goal in Life

At the beginning of your relationship, he probably told you about all the things he wants to do and accomplish in his life. But as time went on, you find he far away from consistency.  You haven’t seen him doing anything about it. Either he’s putting in one whole day of hard work and then stopping abruptly, giving up or he just has no interest in accomplishing anything.

This is a big red flag as you want a man who is consistently working towards a goal. A man whose consistency is simply unmatchable. There are many successful men who are looking for potential marriage partners on GoMarry.com.

Inconsistent in Having Your Back

Some days he has your back and will stand up for you to friends and family. But this is short-lived and inconsistent as sometimes you feel like he doesn’t pick your side. You want someone to stand by you, no matter what the consequence – whether you’re right or wrong.

Hes Inconsistent in Communicating

Sometimes he really opens up to you, he shares memories from his past but other times it’s like he is completely closed up and doesn’t want to let you in. Being with someone consistent means that they should openly and honestly communicate with you – always!

Don’t ignore these red flags within your partner. You don’t want to ride a roller coaster for the rest of your life. You need something consistent and balanced. If you have addressed this issue, maybe it’s time to let him go.

GoMarry.com offers you a lot of relationship advice and how to get over someone who is toxic. Letting go means that you are strong and that you need something better. Because you deserve something better!


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