Unlucky in Love

Unlucky in Love? This is How You Can Turn Things Around & Get Lucky


Most people will agree that a good, loving relationship requires an investment of time and energy. There are many people who have become disenchanted because their efforts haven’t brought them the partner they long for. They quickly give up, telling everyone that they do not want a relationship – being in love is just too much work. Couples who are unlucky in love approach relationships differently. The secret of getting lucky and finding a cool boyfriend or girlfriend revolves around certain precepts.


Relationships Don’t Just Happen


Many children grow up believing that love happens like a fairy tale. If you want to sustain the love’s reward there are certain requirements. You need to pay close attention to that girl or guy you’ve got your eyes on. You need to know about what they’re like, what they’re interested in. Maybe if your guy or girl is passionate about a particular sport, you could start by researching the topic, so you can show some knowledge and interest in it as well. That’s the thing about relationships – they’re not static – they’ll grow or they’ll decline. Successful couples who have found love and want to keep it are active participants in their quest for finding out what contributes to lasting love.


Show that you Care for Yourself


Nobody can love somebody else if they don’t love themselves. This doesn’t mean being arrogant – it means being groomed, smelling nice, making an effort to look good for your mate. If you can’ be bothered about yourself, your mate will be turned off completely, believe me.


Where do you live


This isn’t about the size of your home, but whether at age 27 or 28 you’re still living with your parents. Nobody wants to come home with you after a date and have to be ‘dating’ the parents too. Time to become independent and get your own place.


Love is Acceptance


Too often, a person looking for love, foolishly believes that they have a license to remake someone. We may like the look of someone, but notice that their personality has some ‘rough spots’ that need smoothing out to suit you. It won’t work. Even when someone appears to be compliant, they will resist the pressure from you to change.


Be Cool


If you’ve had yet another bad luck in love experience, let it go. There isn’t anything needier than not letting go and making a pest of yourself by phoning and texting non-stop. Let it go – move on – that way your self-respect remains intact.


People aren’t Mind Readers


One of the unrealistic aspects of love is that a mate has to be constantly tuned in to our innermost thoughts and dreams. When someone you’ve met and has been dating for a while fails to anticipate your thoughts and desires you may become let-down, angry and you may feel betrayed. The best you can do to find a ‘like-minded’ mate, is to join a decent dating site. GoMarry.com is full of like-minded people who aren’t just out for a one night stand. They’re people looking to offer you genuine love and a long-term relationship.


Don’t give up with love. You need to take chances. These tips are bound to help with changing things for you, and who knows, you may be the very next person who is lucky with love.

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