Immature Men and Relationships

Meeting a future partner online has become all the rage these days, from using a website like to find you your perfect match to using a dating app like Tinder to swipe yours to romance. However, you are not truly going to know whether your relationship is going to be the real deal until you have actually properly started dating and you really get to know one another. One thing is for sure, it is not going to take long for you to know whether your new man is mature enough for a serious relationship, or if he is too immature to go the distance. The signs of an immature man in a relationship are easy to spot and we are going to help you to see the signals.


One of the first signs of knowing whether your man is too immature for a serious relationship is his behavior around others. Does he flirt with other girls in a bid to make you jealous? Does he make you feel like he could do better than you? Does he try to put you down around others to make himself look big? If your new man does any of these things, then he is clearly not ready to have a serious relationship with you. Yes, there might come a time when he grows up and realizes the error of his ways but, for now, he is not mature enough for a real romance with you.


Another thing you will need to look out for is where you stand with your new man in relation to his friends. It is only fair that you do allow your new guy some time and space to spend with his friends but a real man will invite you to come along and share these moments with him. Does your guy always put his friends before you? Does he make excuses to break off plans with you in order to hang out with his friends? Is he letting you down time and time again? These are all signs that he is too immature to get serious with and you should let him go.


As we are always saying, being open and honest is a vital key to having a long and successful relationship together, so you are going to need a man who is happy to open up to you and share his feelings. If you are with a guy who is too closed off about his feelings and emotions, then how are you ever going to make progress in your relationship. Communication is of great importance in a relationship and if your man is not able to express himself then he is not yet mature enough to take things to the next level.


The most important thing here is to be able to spot the signs as to whether you are with a man who is mature enough to make your relationship work. An immature man is never going to be right for any long term relationship, so make sure that you do right by yourself and find yourself a mature man to stand by you for the rest of your life.

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