Why People Break Up When They’re Still In Love

Why People Break Up When They’re Still In Love

The break up happens for a million possible reasons. Many of them include persons who are still in love with each other but simply cannot be together anymore

If you’re sure that your ex-partner is still in love with you, but they have broken up with you, see the possible reasons:


Too Much Hurt

After infidelity of huge fights, for example, there can sometimes be too much hurt to go on, even when both partners are still in love with each other. When your partner hurts you a lot, it might be even hard to admit that you’re still in love. So, people find it easier to break up than to go through all the painful feelings and the process of recovering.


Focus on Self-Improvement

Although it may be selfish, if a person recognizes someone is hindering their growth, they may break up even though they are still in love with the person. This doesn’t mean that you’re a bad person or a bad influence, but that you’re simply not compatible with your ex-partner’s life choices.


Ego and Pride

Break up because of pride is most often the case with break up following affairs and infidelity. After they get cheated on, many partners are ashamed to admit that they still want to be with their partner. Going through an infidelity scandal is a very hurtful, confusing and complex process. So, the easiest explanation and direction to move on is to break up with the person that caused so much hurt for your ego.


Wrong Timing

In romantic comedies, we often learn that love is not about the right place at the right time, but there’s destiny. However, this is not really the case when it comes to real life. If you hit the wrong timing with your partner, you might find yourselves bound to break up even though you two love each other. This can happen because you’re going through a hard time, you’ve changed because of an important event or you entered the relationship after a tough break up. There are hundreds of reasons why many relationships can be labeled as wrong-timing.


Deal-Breakers / Red Flags

Some people have certain deal breakers that they hold on to firmly when it comes to relationships and partners. For example, addiction can be a relationship deal-breaker for a lot of people. If they find out that their partner is an addict or they develop an addiction while in the relationship, the other partner might leave them even though they are in love with them.

There are numerous deal-breakers and red flags that people have. For example, a shady sexual past or dishonesty are deal-breakers for many people and can cause breakups even when there is love.

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