Impress The Girl: What Men Think Wrong About Them


Here’s the thing….

A few months ago I introduced myself on my profile page on one of the dating sites as an insensitive, unapproachable girl who strictly wants a relationship, no fooling around. Everything I said about me was a lie, except for my education. I was just sick and tired of hooking up and thus my profile resembles that of English princesses.

The outcome wasn’t a fairy tale. On the contrary. Every guy who gave me a like didn’t know how to start a conversation with a person with such a profile. I ended up finding no one even though I thought men like an insensitive woman which I pretended to be. And played hard to get and get nothing in return. Girls are scared too, remember that. Everything I wrote was out of fear that I will rush again into a shallow, deep pocket guy who has nothing deep down him. One who is empty and I was always impressed by plain, simple, honest, independent, average looking men.

Guys, remember, appearances don’t play a crucial part in a girl’s life if you two are on the same page, have common interests and have something to talk about every day. Guys should also know that not every girl cares only about looks and money. It is important to them but not crucial. (Not every girl is into money). And men are pretty scared that girls are just like that materialistic and shallow. Completely false! If I were a man I would always try to start a conversation with a girl who I like about something that we like both-spiritual, cultural, intellectual values. Then, if I notice that a girl is interested in a further talk I will relax and talk about my business, income, etc.

Only Then Would I Mention My Material Status.

Women are more interested in a way you earn that hard money. Namely, are you a lazy person who gambles or an honest man who works hard for his living? You don’t even have to work hard but your resourcefulness, adroitness is very important since it reflects how you will care about her. Would you be nice, caring & get her out of trouble? That’s how women think! You can’t buy their self-confidence, feeling of being secure, self-esteem, feeling or being accepted. You can only build these things with your resourcefulness.

But remember, she will do anything on the first date in order to impress you. She may even lie a bit. Be aware that she might have gone to shopping only to impress you and gave her last money for her looks. But she will act like a lady brimming with money. She will behave as if nothing in this world can hurt her, as if she is invulnerable. But remember, she is just as scared as you are.

On the other hand, she doesn’t like if she feels that you are trying to impress her. It will make her go away. Do not try too hard to impress her or whatever, you will turn out needy and too agreeable. Do not try to discover your qualities by yourself, let her do that through long conversations. Don’t strive to be an accomplished man. Be it, with all your flaws and backward. When she discovers it by herself, about your advantage, she will appreciate you more.

If she likes only one thing about you, she will be interested to discover other things as well, and that’s how falling in love starts. Also, don’t tell the girl about your worse qualities or badass deeds right away.

Let It Come Naturally Into The Conversation.

She likes when you know what you want. You don’t have to be a leader or 24/7 in charge but you should at least know where you are heading. On the other hand, it’s not true that women never know what they want and that they need a powerful man who will direct them.

 That’s A Complete Lie.

Sometimes we don’t know what we want and that’s ok, but not all the time. When this happens it would be nice if a man could bring that topic naturally into the conversation, a topic about insecurity. Women will appreciate that rather than making decisions on their behalf.

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