Inner Oldie

Inner Oldie: Really Can Heal Your Relationship


There are many sides to a person: you may have a playful inner child, an adventurous bohemian princess, and a stylish business person living inside you. The one side we do tend to ignore is our older personality. Each of us has that inner oldie inside telling us to be responsible, take it slower, and not make silly choices – you can almost consider it to be an old soul.

The inner oldie is someone to be listened to as it often knows what is best for you. Your relationships can also benefit from listening to your inner oldie. Embrace your old soul even if you are young and learn that each of your inner beings has a place and time to take center stage.

It may seem odd to act older but this strange side holds truth. Age does not equate to intelligence; you may be young and still be more mature than an older person. The actions of the elderly are often interesting but we can learn a lot from them.

Difference between a younger and older person

Young people are always on the run, trying to fit a month’s activities into a single week. Young adults live at a fast pace, eat a lot of junk food and have horrific sleeping patterns. You may be trying to impress your boss or ticking men off your list one by one. You are adding experiences to your life but are you really living in every moment?

The elderly on the other hand, spend their days in ease and comfort. They have no rush to get anywhere and don’t feel the need to impress anyone. Older people make decisions after thorough thinking and accept their lifestyle. Their relationships often seem more solid and have been going on for years.

Learning from your inner oldie

Your inner oldie may be inspired by other older people and can be described as the voice in your head that sometimes makes you think twice before doing something. Your inner oldie is comfortable with himself; he accepts who is and doesn’t mind to show others. Be yourself and let other people accept you as you are; don’t be fake just to impress.

Setting a routine is motivated by your inner oldie and the future. Your relationship will be better with a routine. Spend your evening with your significant other after work, have dinner together and spend time doing something together – such as building puzzles. Go to bed at the same time every night and get enough sleep. You will feel more energized and can function effectively.

Save money by being thrifty and not doling out money for useless things. Buy healthy food, which is cheaper than junk food, and make meals with your loved ones. Buy only enough for now and if you have leftover, then share with others. Doing good will make you feel positive about life.

Be happy with how you look and exercise often. Your clothing does not define who you are, rather wear what is comfortable, your partner will still think you look great. Work slower, take in the environment around you and find solitude in being alone. Make time for yourself and this will reflect in your relationship.

Your inner oldie is filled with worldly knowledge; open yourself up to the possibilities and listen to your own mind. Be yourself and treat others with dignity and respect. As you become happier you will find that your inner oldie may be the best side of you.

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