68. Country of birth

I’m not asking you to think less of a country or be racists but there are practical things to ask e.g. visa status, permissions to stay in that country, whether or not they want to move back to their country of birth etc.

I’m British of Pakistani origin. I believe I can achieve a better quality of life in Pakistan where I do a lot of charitable work, teach business to young entrepreneurs and deliver motivational talks; I think I am more needed in Pakistan. Prior to getting married I informed my wife that she will be living with me in any country I live and she consented. She doesn’t know the language quite well and at times misses her family.

Before we had children, I took my wife along with me on numerous business trips around the world and visa requirements were never an issue because we both have British passports. Had my wife been a Pakistani national, it would have been hard.

When we travel to Pakistan, My wife always needs a visa which is a time consuming process and costs money. Also other issues can arise like citizens of certain countries having to pay their taxes in their country of origin regardless of what other country they live in.

Some countries allow you to have dual citizenship whilst others don’t. Consider all these logistical issues before you get married.

Find out their country of birth and the implications that come with it that for example if they are not from the country that you are currently residing in, find out if they have proper permission to be in that country i.e. visas, passports. You can also discuss:

  • Citizenship status
  • Do they have dual citizenship?
  • How often do they travel back?
  • Do they plan on moving back to their country of origin for good?

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