Interracial Dating

Prince Harry the Duke of Sussex, married the American actress Meghan Markle and suddenly inter-racial dating was accelerated to the priority news agenda of the world.  Their love and their relationship made a huge impression on the antiquated theories that people had assumed for centuries.  In essence, they have managed to silence the racial cynics.  The issue around inter-racial dating has always been a topic of debate throughout history.  But thankfully the world has evolved from a people trying to understand the conundrum called inter-racial relationships to a society that embraces human life, irrespective of race, social grouping, religion, caste, and societal status.



Inter-racial dating is a coming together of two people of different racial groups specifically as relating to the color of one’s skin.  Historically legislation around the world was written that erroneously governed inter-racial relationships.  From Hitler in Germany who prohibited inter-racial relationships to South Africa where Apartheid laws segregated people of color and the US where slavery was rife and consequently people of color were suppressed and denigrated.

The word Miscegenation was coined in the 19th century and the root of the word originated from the Latin word, ‘miscere’ which simply means ‘to mix’ explicitly related to ‘race’.


Paul wrote to the Galatian church somewhere before 60 A.D and he said that there is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for we are all one in Christ Jesus.  All human life is equal and all life really does matter.

So why then is inter-racial dating still an issue in society? In a nutshell, inter-racial dating is still a bane in some communities because, on a global scale, people have not all received the same memo as yet.

Inter-racial relationships are still confronted by people around the world with controversy and defiance mainly from the older generation, and this generation is dying away in error.  The younger generation, the millennials are embracing diversity especially as they are becoming more and more educated, academically focused and because societal affluence has fostered relationships across racial boundaries.


Firstly, the only way for disapproving families to overcome the error of segregation and racism is to accept that every human life matters and that there are not many differences between people of all races.  Clinical surgeons can attest to this because when they cut open a patient, the exact same color of blood runs out.  Further sample testing of such blood samples will reveal that DNA and RNA are exactly the same.

Secondly, if people can change the way that they speak, refraining from making reference to people of color in their conversation.  A classic example to elaborate on this can be shown through this illustration.  The other day, while standing in a queue waiting for registration to get onto a cruise-liner, it was difficult to ignore how a young couple kept getting second glances from all the passengers.  He was a young Chinese boy and she was a pretty young Indian lady.  Now wouldn’t it have been easier to simply say that a young boy was going on the cruise with a pretty young lady and making no inference to their racial appearances? When society can stop making reference to race and color in their daily conversation that will change the mindset of people one sentence at a time.

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