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How to Get Over Your First Love with A Happy Memory


At some point in our lives, sooner rather than later, we all experience those nagging, exciting ‘butterflies’ of first love. Unfortunately for most of us, they usually don’t last. We realize it’s important to have more things in common than sharing a high-school classroom. We go to work or university, meet new people, develop other interests. Some of us even move away from home, to a different city or country. And it all hurts; we become afraid of not being able to develop those feelings again. But believe me, you can get over your first love too.


Turn this heartbreak into a learning experience

Remember one simple thing: nobody is perfect, we all make mistakes. Sometimes repeatedly. And that’s okay. After a while, we start to become more and more aware of them and even figure out better solutions; you know, for next time…

You’ll get over your first love once everything becomes clear about what went wrong. In many cases, it’s not the fault of only one of the partners, they both contribute to the damage. Of course, you might have had an abusive pair, but let’s hope it’s not the case.

Actually, we don’t need to think about passing the blame around. The most important thing we learn from this first experience is about ourselves, how we as individuals act as part of a couple. Next time, you’ll know what needs changing to get your happy ending.


Take time for yourself

Now that you’re single once more, it’s the perfect time to learn more about the stuff and people you like. You get to hang out more with your friends. You get to focus on those hobbies you might have put aside because you were too busy taking walks and holding hands.

As a youngster, you certainly have a career or education that can be developed, built on. Try different jobs, travel, do whatever you need to grow as an individual. Love will come when you’re ready and mature enough to give it your best.


The ‘real deal’ will feel different

‘What do you mean, this was the real deal!’ Was that your reaction, did I get it right? In your heart, at this moment, I’m sure it feels like it was. Like you’ll never get over your first love and never let someone into your soul that way ever again. In some ways, you’re right. The first love is always special, it’s something new. Of course the next won’t feel the same, because you have the experience, you’ve gone through it before, you know what to expect. It won’t be as exciting or as much of a surprise; or will it?

Let me tell you this: it can get so much better. When we go through our first relationship, not only we have no idea how to behave with our boyfriend or girlfriend… We have no clue about life itself and how we’re going to deal with it! Even if we did want to take things seriously, we couldn’t or wouldn’t know how. That’s why, when the time is right, you will find the right partner, one to build a healthy relationship with. Don’t rush into meaningless adventures. Whenever you feel ready, you might want to visit GoMarry.com. There, you’ll connect with similar people, who wish to start a long-term relationship with a potential spouse.

It will feel like you clicked together like you could be 100% yourselves and support each other no matter what. That’s true affection. And you won’t even remember how much you struggled to get over your first love…

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