Is Lust an Emotion? How to Overcome this Feeling

Lust is one of the most natural and humanlike feelings. We are surrounded by sex and temptation is always in the air around us.  We see girls in tights and revealing clothes all over social media and on billboards. Pop stars dance provocatively in their music videos and ad campaigns use sex to sell products.


It is a dangerous road to be on when Love gets confused with Lust.

Firstly, what is the difference? Lust can be defined as a strong sexual desire for someone whereas Love is defined as an intense feeling of care for someone. So, the difference is, that Lust is more physical and Love is more emotional.


This means that Lust cannot be defined as an emotion. It’s hunger or a need that our body creates because we want sexual release or pleasure. Wanting to have sex is a very natural thing. But when the need for sexual pleasure turns into Lust, Love disappears out of the equation.


What does it mean to be Lustful?

Having feelings of lust will have you thinking of someone in a physical manner. What do you see first? You see their physical features, their hot body, and pretty face. The first thing you think of is being intimate with them. You want to jump into bed and rip off all their clothes without even getting to know them first.


Actually, you don’t care who you jump in bed with, as long as they are hot as hell and you can get your rocks off. This is a bad place to be because you will find yourself not respecting the other person anymore. Assuming that they will give their bodies to you freely without you having done anything to earn that honor.


Controlling feelings of lust is easier said than done. Because we are humans and sex is part of our beings. It’s a mental journey. You should force yourself to not think of people as physical objects. When you invest time with someone from the opposite sex. Refrain your mind from thinking about sexual acts with them, even though it can be difficult.


Get to know them, find the beauty in their personality and not in their bodies. Some of the sexiest people have the most horrid of personalities and the other way around. When your libido drops and your sexual desire fades old age will catch up with beauty and you’ll have someone’s personality to face every day.


This is why Marriage only relationships are great. You have to get to know the person. There aren’t any ‘love at first sight’ – acts. You get to know each other and fill each other with love. Not giving Lust any place in your relationship will make you respect each other and show love by intimate acts of lovemaking and kindness

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