Je Ne Sais Quoi

Je Ne Sais Quoi: How To Master Your Sex Appeal

The art of doing so involves je ne sais quoi, a concept of charisma and attractiveness.

Beauty fades. But, you can be sexy even to your older age and remain attractive to the opposite gender


So, in this article, we’re bringing you tips on how to keep your sex appeal alive even as you age.


What is “je ne sais quoi”?

This term comes from French and it literally means “I don’t know what”. It refers to the so-called X factor: when you meet someone and you feel very impressed and smitten, you might retell the event to your friends and say they just have that something. This something can be pinpointed as charisma, self-confidence, attractiveness, uniqueness, coolness, or in other words je ne sais quoi.


  1. Be Effortlessly Cool

Je ne sais quoi is all about being cool, and you know you can’t be cool if you try too hard. Just remember some situations, for example when your parents pretended to be cool in front of your peers. The result was most often just the opposite. There’s nothing that will dampen the effect of being cool than trying too hard.

So, how to overcome this paradox and be cool without consciously trying to be so?


Cool is about uniqueness, self-acceptance and not caring too much what other people think. The easiest path to being effortlessly cool is simply being yourself, whatever that may be.

This laid-back attitude and self-confidence will definitely show in your dating life and relationships. When you’re cool and happy, you attract similar people, so you can expect a lot of positivity in your life, as well as self-confident and emotionally healthy partners.


  1. Take Care Of Yourself

Even though sexiness mostly stems from self-confidence, we all know that it has to do with looks as well. Most of all, looking good will help you feel good about yourself, which will boost your self-confidence. This looks-personality-confidence vicious cycle is very hard to break, but you can spin it to your advantage and use positive lifestyle habits to have a great effect on your confidence.


Work out, treat yourself with new outfits, massages, go to spa treatments, get a new haircut… Do whatever makes you feel pretty and good. When you think about it, having blush or no blush might not really make that much of a difference in your appearance, but you feel like it’s given you a magic confidence potion.

If you put effort into how you look continuously, you can continue feeling sexy for a long time.


  1. Ooze Self-Confidence

Sex appeal and je ne sais quoi are all about self-confidence. You probably have experience with meeting someone who’s not that physically attractive, not extraordinarily smart, interesting or funny, but you still feel very attracted to them. The secret is in their self-confidence. This is the number 1 ingredient for the je ne sais quoi recipe.

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