How to Deal with Jealousy in a Relationship


When it comes to jealousy, there are opposing opinions. Some people think that there’s a healthy amount of jealousy which shows that you genuinely care about your partner. Other people think that jealousy can be a smart approach which can, at times, protect you from being hurt. Finally, there are some people who view jealousy negatively altogether.


Feeling Of Insecurity


In general, feelings of jealousy are connected to feelings of insecurity. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re insecure about your looks, personality, life, etc. You might just have a gut feeling that the relationship doesn’t feel right. Women are intuitive beings. They usually feel when something goes wrong very soon. So, how can it be that a woman doesn’t react to a betrayal with jealousy? Jealousy can be a choice. I can see that you’re flirting with that waitress. I know that you stayed for drinks after work with your female colleague. I’m not blind. I’m not dumb. However, I choose not to be jealous. I see that there are many reasons for me to be jealous. If I chose to be like that, I would have a whole list of things to choose from. However, I decided to be a strong, secure person and trust my instincts.


Inner Strength


Choosing not to be jealous is the demonstration of my inner strength. You are not the first person I loved. If we break up, you won’t be the last either. I have the capacity for great love: I can give you everything I have and expect nothing in return. Even though I am capable of complete selflessness, I will leave when it’s time to go. My previous relationships have taught me that jealousy is a painful feeling. Even if nothing happens, you still feel in pain, because you caused it to yourself. I have experience and I learned from it. I will never be jealous again.


No Second Chance


Don’t mistake my lack of jealousy for blindness; don’t underestimate me. I am an adult and I chose to trust you. If you let me down, you won’t get another chance. Until then, you have the luxury of being with someone who will give you your independence and freedom, as long as you’re worth it. If you let me down, I won’t be mad. I won’t throw porcelain plates at you, yell at you on the street or cause a scene in a restaurant. We’re adults and neither of us deserves it. You have the right to break my trust, just as I have the right to leave. Don’t think that I will second guess my decision. Jealousy is toxic. I’m choosing to live in a place of happiness, peace, and calm. Not even you can shake this or make me insecure. So go, do whatever you want to do, but you will never see me jealous.


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