Live by the sun love by the moon

Live by the Sun Love by the Moon – True Love


The Universe and nature are composed of opposite forces. In the ancient symbol of Yin Yang, you can see a visual of the everlasting principle of nature: everything that has a dark side also has a light. From this principle, the saying Live by the Sun Love by the Moon was born. This adage is very deep and it can be considered one of the best ways to approach life, dreams, and goals.

It’s also a spectacular way to approach love and issues you may have with dating, relationships, and marriage. Live by the Sun Love by the Moon contains so much wisdom only in one sentence. What exactly does it mean and how can you apply these principles in everyday life?

  1. Be Rational

The sun in this saying marks the light, rational and intellectual side of each person. Living by the sun implies approaching things rationally and logically. One half of a human being is definitely rational. We know how to communicate, work with numbers, solve tasks and problems… Take advantage of this fact and reap the benefits of all that logic has to offer.

  1. Plan Things Ahead

In each and every one of us, there is a little part there is messy and disorganized and another part that’s a control freak. Channeling your inner planner is a great way to get your life in perfect order. Use the rational part of your psyche for planning things and making to-do lists.


  1. Feel

The Moon is the symbol of emotions and moods. As you can see from the tides it causes, Moon can cause sadness, happiness, melancholy and excitement. It doesn’t matter if the feeling is positive or negative. Letting yourself feel is a human thing.

Don’t run away from your emotional side. It’s a crucial part of living a fulfilling life.

  1. Open Up

Your rational Sun side would definitely tell you to close yourself and be careful when starting a new relationship. But, how would you ever get close and intimate with someone if you never open up? Your emotional and empathetic side is what connects you to other people.

  1. Take Risks

Risks are simply an illogical thing, but they can bring you some of the most rewarding experiences of your life. There’s a saying nothing ventured, nothing gained, which really speaks about taking risks, especially in emotional life. Take a step back from playing it safe and see where taking risks gets you.


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