Love At First Sight

Of course, it’s real but whether it will launch a stable relationship or not depends on million factors.

One can fall in love instantly three times a day but it’s an example of a hopeless romantic. He or she will make it to the three months relationship stage once in a thousand years.

These people often have that sense that they’ve missed all the guys or girls whom they really loved for the sake of finding that invisible, unrealistic, fairytale perfect prince or princess. It destroyed any chance of them dating a normal, down-to-earth type of person.

I can’t tell you how much people suffer because of believing in this phenomenon.

It would be helpful if they could answer the question:

What can you actually see at the very first sight?

His sense of humor, affection, empathy, respect, maturity, independence or the latest trends he is packed in which perfectly match yours?

He is handsome you will say. What else? He is tall, I like his hair, eyes, smile, teeth, eyebrows. Really? Are these the most important traits in a relationship?

Of course, they aren’t. It’s not his beauty that will listen to your problems and you know that.

The sooner you become honest with yourself the better will be the chances of being honest with your future partner because it’s a milestone of any healthy relationship. If he really likes your soul he will also like your imperfections. It’s like a mom-kid relationship in many ways.

I agree it would be best if his psychical traits are even more beautiful than his physical appearance. But how often does this really happen? It’s so rare that it only lights up our frustration and our longing for being loved and cared for.

With this in mind, it’s safe to assume that finding love that will last is much better if someone else helps you.

Someone like, because it really gives you the chance to get to know people you are going to marry really well. You will recognize his/ her qualities that go beyond the surface, the ones you strive for in yourselves.







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