Long Distance : Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder or Wander

Long Distance : Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder or Wander?

There is something romantic about promising your heart to another person, saying goodbye to them, and vowing to wait for them no matter what


Absence in a relationship can make the heart grow fonder or wander. Whether you are going long distance for a week or a year, the experience can either bring you closer together or drive you apart.

When it comes to love there are no certainties, and it is up to the individuals in the relationship to choose their future together above all else. Being in a long distance relationship has the potential to highlight both strengths and weaknesses.

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Pros of a Long Distance Relationship

We are fortunate to have a wide range of technology such as video calls, instant messaging and even sex toys. All of these gadgets and media tools enable frequent and instant contact across the globe. When you are not constantly around a person their flaws are not present either. Hence you get to experience the best of them.

Sometimes being in a long distance relationship can be an incredibly bonding experience. Without the distractions of day to day life, you can focus fully on your partner and really check in with how they are doing.

You are free to respond to your significant other at a time that suits you, meaning you can make sure you are always in the right mindset for a conversation. It can be incredibly liberating to have the emotional support and banter of your partner, while still being able to do exactly what you want when you want to.

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Cons of a Long Distance Relationship

Although it is freeing to be able to respond at your leisure, it can be equally anxiety provoking when you are waiting to hear back from your significant other. If you don’t have strong control over your mind, you won’t be able to rationalize any unexpected delays in response times.

Your thoughts can spin out faster than you can say “who is she?” Which is why it’s so important to have an incredible sense of trust in your partner. There is no doubt that a long distance relationship brings with it a whole lot of temptation.


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It goes without saying that the flipside of a long distance relationship is the lack of physical affection and intimacy. However, many couples manage to get around this in a variety of,  creative ways. From naughty pictures and messages to full-on cybersex with toys, technology has certainly bridged the gap. Some people actually enjoy the sexual tension of being teased.


Others agree to an open relationship while they are going long distances. But open relationships come along with its own set of risks and challenges. Whatever you decide, the first time you have sex with your partner after reuniting will be worth the wait.

Regardless of sexual impracticalities, the fact remains that sometimes you will just miss a person’s presence. It can be hard not being with them to share the good and the bad from moment to moment. Just remember that the situation is transient, and this too shall pass.

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