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How to Look Younger: Capture The Fountain of Youth


As we age, we seem to lose that youthful glow that we had in our 20’s and 30’s. At the same time, our society highly values being healthy, fit and younger, especially when it comes to women. Keeping your appearance on flake is also necessary to find an attractive love partner. If you visit GoMarry.com, you can find attractive strangers with qualities you’re looking for who is ready for marriage. So, how can you remain young-looking even well into your 50’s and 60’s? Here are some of the top tips:

  1. Protect Your Skin

Looking younger and fighting off old age is all about taking care of your skin. Remember to apply the SPF factor and protect your skin from harmful UV rays each time you are exposed. This doesn’t only mean hours of tanning on the beach. As your skin gets older, it’s important to protect it before any exposure to the sun.

  1. Moisturize

The main quality of older skin is that it’s dry and cracks very easily. You can prevent this by thoroughly moisturizing your skin. There are many special creams and lotions for mature skin which contain additional hydration ingredients, Q 10 and hyaluron.

  1. Dress in a Modern Fashion

Whatever you may think – clothes definitely make the man. There is no easier way to look old than wrapping yourself up in out-of-date patterns, oversized shirts and unattractive pieces of clothing. If you want to immediately cut off 10 years of your overall look, you can do it by using only clothes. Visit some of the popular stores and find clothes that accentuate your strong sides.

  1. Smile More

Smiling is an important part of being sexually attractive and charismatic. Also, it makes the person look more appealing and younger. So, if you want to look like a giggly young girl, let your inhibitions go and giggle!

  1. Exercise

Exercising has a myriad of benefits both for your looks and mental condition. It will uplift your self-confidence, improve your circulation, make you thinner, but stronger and get you in better shape. All of these factors contribute to the fact that exercise actually makes you look younger. It will also provide you with that rosy cheek-young glow, which even most young people don’t have nowadays!

  1. Drink Enough Water & Get Enough Sleep

This golden rule of beauty applies to fight off aging as well. Hydrating has to do with your skin being drier, so by drinking enough water, you will give to your skin a favor from inside. Beauty sleep is also very important. As you know, even 2 or 3 nights of scarce sleep can add 10 years to your look.

  1. Quit Bad Habits

Another important beauty rule states that you should stay away from cigarettes, alcohol and unhealthy food. These bad habits are guaranteed to make you look older, more tired and ill. So, if you want to look younger, keep them out of your life and your daily routine.

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