Qualities Of A Good Man

Good does not necessarily mean perfect.  There is no perfect man however there are many good men trying to live perfect lives in fear and favor with man and with God.

There was an Egyptian queen whose name was “The Queen of Sheba”.  The historical recount of how she found a good man called Solomon is very interesting.  She was charmed by the report that she heard about this great man Solomon.  So she visited him and asked him loads of questions, interrogating every characteristic of this man’s life.  She needed to know what he had done to create such an illustrious reputation for himself.

After having seen all, she was impressed and very attracted to him, however, nothing moved her until she saw him bow down before God Almighty.  This humble act from a powerful, wise and wealthy man had “taken her breath away”.



Good attributes can only be revealed under trying circumstances, like a diamond in the rough.  It is buried and has no value lying in the dirt.  But once it has been discovered, unearthed and cleaned up, it is flawless, exemplary and valuable.


Likewise, the characteristics of a good man are revealed and exposed when trials and hardships have tested his character.  Only then can a man be regarded as a good man.  The website GoMarry.com provides such a platform where a woman can discover such a partner.




A good man has self-respect and respect for others.  He has the ability to demonstrate appreciation for the efforts that other people make and sincerely applaud them.  He understands that it is up to him to make a difference, sacrificially and without complaining.


A good man is not proud and haughty and he has the ability to cultivate growth in the lives of people around him.  He knows how to be supportive, encouraging and inspiring.

He understands that building a home and therefore a community begins with him.  Taking responsibility for his actions, displaying humility and providing support wherever is needed without prejudice.  This is the hallmark of a good man.


Commitment and faithfulness are basic moral values that he kindles in life, however many have tarnished this character which sadly is the reason that separation and divorce are so rife in society.  A good man understands that being committed, faithful and forgiving will support healthy relationships in this and future generations.


The website GoMarry.com has created a safe space where couples-to-be can comprehend and embrace the foundational knowledge and understanding that promotes strong families and committed relationships.  Therein lies the keys to building stronger communities and instill healthy moral standards into a future generation.



It is far superior to be a good person than to be right.  This can be demonstrated when men are stuck bumper to bumper in traffic.  Everyone understands the frustrations that come when cramped on a freeway especially in an emergency.  Nothing tests a man’s character like a jam-packed freeway.  Road rage is rampant in this society – some men will rant and shout, cursing and express inappropriate sign language.  It does not mean that because that person has inconvenienced you, that you are justified by displaying improper behavior.  It is indeed far superior to be good than to be right.


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