Major Difference Between a Relationship and a Partnership

Major Difference Between a Relationship and a Partnership

Relationships are complex. It may vary from things like having a love affair when you’re only 13 and your first love at college. Anybody can develop a relationship. In fact, it is a quite vast field to play


The partnership is hard. It’s about more than just passion. When you’re in a relationship, you may ignore your responsibilities while in a partnership, you always try to give more than what you expect from your partner


The partnership is hard; relationship may just be a passion

You can depend on someone. But you can share a true partnership with someone you love. Partnerships are stronger than relationships and we often expect them unbreakable. Yes, love is present in both phases but partnership can be described as loving someone responsibly.


You’re selfish in relationships

People act selfishly in a relationship. If they get hurt, they give hurt back. And if they feel like they were going to be left, they left first. If they feel betrayed, they dish out equal betrayal. They fight in favor of their own thoughts in an argument. Yes, there is so much love and passion in love but that doesn’t matter to them. On the other hand, in a partnership, people respect the feelings of their partner.

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The partnership is long-lasting; the relationship is unstable

Relationships can be very shaky from inside and lots of patience and experience is required to keep them alive. Parties in a relationship may not be serious enough about each other. Partnerships take time, energy and devotion to develop and flourish. They’re rarely found because couples often don’t devote much effort to develop a partnership.


The partnership is a true friendship; relationship may just be fun

Becoming partners is a process. It is a combination of growing as a human being and growing as a couple on your own. It involves true friendship. Being a partner means you are there for your lover in worst times like when he’s heartbroken, frustrated, sick or sad. He must be there with full attention and not just there to show off. You compromise your preferences to build and develop a partnership.

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The partnership has a purpose; relationship may just be a pleasure

When you start a relationship, you simply look for pleasure. You want an escape from your loneliness sorrows and pains of life. The partnership doesn’t involve that amount of pleasure. You’re not hungry for affection, love or sex. A stable and mature approach towards your partner and a life full of emotions like fun, anxiety, thrill, and excitement involved in a relationship.

Partnership requires maturity; relationship may be insecure

There are different levels of commitments involved in both scenarios. Well, people often say that the level of commitment is quite low in a relationship. On the other hand, partnerships are hard to break because of a high level of commitment. If you want to build a partnership with a loving and caring person, visit, the world’s renowned marriage site!

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