Male Gaze

Male Gaze: How Women are Viewed By Men


The male gaze is the sexual-political way of gazing at women, in the way of empowering men and objectifying the female existence. The feelings, views, and desires of women are considered less important than men during the male gaze. Moreover, Woman is positioned as an object of sexual pleasure for men during the male gaze.


  1. Know your Position

Society has always represented that women need validation and approval. They need it from men for their looks, career, life choices, and all areas of life. Women get objectified for their sexuality in the male dominant society. Because they desire to feel appreciated and impressionable in front of men. Men gaze has changed the perception of determining the individuality of women; however, the need to change the perception of looking at yourself is rethinking the male gaze. And embracing the idea of being a woman. Men have always exploited women through the embarrassing male gaze.


  1. Do not Validate

One of the significant reasons for the male gaze has been by the role of social media. We tend to see ourselves through the eyes of other people and their validation. There are countless examples of women seeking validation from men. And other women through displaying their perfect body images on social media. However, the concept of the male gaze has been changing over the years. And women have been exerting efforts in building strong personalities than social media profiles. When women spend time and effort in building confident, secure, kind, intellectual, and career-oriented personalities, then they no longer require validation from men.


  1. Stay Confident

It is extremely important to determine beauty and attraction by establishing a confident personality instead of seeking men’s approval for your well-being. Women are paying more attention to build an intellectual perspective personality by educating themselves. It has been greatly reducing the men gazing atmosphere in society. Remember, today’s woman is not like the old school thought to live inside the home and keep on thinking that man is a superior creature, and a woman is only to be exploited. Be confident and see how world dynamics have shifted and how women have been playing a pivotal role in all the fields of life.


  1. Determine Standards

Determining the standard of life and defining the limitations to approve men’s mentality is significantly providing a safer atmosphere for the women. Spending time in defining goals and objectives are reducing the male gaze perspective. Moreover, women are choosing their happiness, over-prioritizing the happiness of men in society. It is equally important for women to pay attention to individual identity and coming up the fears of validation from men. Instead of contributing to the men’s expectations in society; however, encouraging ideas, insights, and voices will assist in building a safer environment for women. You can always consult The significant way of embracing the true joy of women is by getting a clearer view of happiness, interests, and contributions in society. You can sign up with and get the assistance of the experts in determining your individuality.

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