how to be a better girlfriend

How to Become a Better Girlfriend – 2020 Guide

We all have the tendency of finding fault in other people. Even when we’re in a relationship, we’re thinking of ways our partner could be a better boyfriend. But let’s play fair. Step back for a while and take a long, hard look at ourselves. Are we the best version of ourselves that we can be?


You can even bring your relationship closer to marriage if you try to become a better girlfriend. It’s time to recognize some of your own flaws and make room for progress. If you bring about positive change, you can make rapid and amazing progression in your relationship.

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So, what are some of the simplest ways you can become a better girlfriend, both instantly and overtime?


#1 Increase the quality time you spend together

The time you spend together with your boyfriend is one of the most important parts of your relationship. If you want to be a great girlfriend, make sure that each moment you spend with one another is precious and memorable.

Relationships can quickly deteriorate if you reduce the amount of alone time you spend with each other. So, if you want to be a great girlfriend, give your boyfriend some quality time together.


#2 Cut down on the drama

Some girls have a tendency to act overdramatic when they’re in a relationship. This means making a show about every tiny thing, and it’s one of the biggest new relationship killers.

If you have a tendency to be a drama queen sometimes, try to control it otherwise you won’t become a better girlfriend. It will make you a much better girlfriend in an instant.


#3 Prioritize your relationship

All of us have different areas of life that are important to us. Next, to our boyfriend, we also have our family, career, friends, hobbies… However, if you want to be the better girlfriend, you have to put your relationship at number 1 too.

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This doesn’t mean that you should neglect other parts of your life and get into a cocoon with your boyfriend. However, make sure that you don’t prioritize everything else over your relationship.


#4 Communicate and listen carefully

In our connected world of social media and texting, it’s a paradox that we’re actually communicating more, but saying less. So, make sure you take a special time for deep, significant communication with your boyfriend. Listen to what’s bothering him and offer him consolation and warm conversation.


#5 Express emotions and affection often

Finally, this is the easiest trick to become a better girlfriend instantly. Simply express how much you love your boyfriend more often and in different ways. It’s a common myth that men don’t like displays of emotion, but for most men, this is not the case at all.

Make sure you compliment your guy and make him feel loved and appreciated!


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