Marriage: Common Marital Problems And How To Solve Them

Marriage: Common Marital Problems And How To Solve Them

It is unfortunate that despite all its benefits and importance, marriage is becoming less stable in Western society


Divorce rates are high, people go into marriage later in their life and a larger number of people stay single. So, we are looking at some of the most common marital problems, along with their solutions.

At, we specialize in connecting compatible partners into marriage. We believe that marriage is one of the most important institutions of our species, especially in today’s times.


Common Problem: Monotony

When you look at the nature of marriage. It means spending a series of years living with the same person. It’s no wonder that marriage sometimes gets monotonous. It’s not such a serious issue that it causes divorces and fights. But it’s a silent killer of many marriages. It’s completely normal to feel like you’re stuck in a rut, because, well, you probably are.



The first step to solving the issue of a monotonous marriage is both partners acknowledging it. If you don’t, it’s always going to be hard to face the facts. The persistent will make it difficult to deal with your routine and boredom.

If you both acknowledge that your marriage is stuck in a rut, it becomes very easy to deal with it. Simply introduce new activities and hobbies into your life together and try new things. Even small things like trying new food and going on dates instead of staying in will get you far.


Common Problem: Money

Even though money is not a matter of the heart, next to infidelity. Still, it’s one of the top reasons married couples get into fights and get divorced.

Money truly brings out the worst in people, and absolutely everything related to it can spark an argument. Having too little, having too much, one partner earning more, one partner being stingy



The easiest way to solve this problem is to solve your financial problems, which is, of course, easier said than done. However, in marriage, fights over money and material issues usually signify that there might be a deeper issue beneath the surface.

If you’re sure that the reason for your fights is money, discuss it with your partner. However, if it might be something else.  You should work on figuring out the real reason for your arguments together.


Common Problem: Holding Grudges

In a long-term relationship or marriage, it’s common that some issues get buried and then resurface after years. How is it possible? Well, when you hurt a person, they can forgive your actions or not. But there is a chance that almost no one will forget it. Digging up old arguments, grudges and issues is a sure-fire way to shatter your marriage.

This is apparent in those fights that start over the saltiness of lunch and end up being a discussion about the partner’s infidelity 12 years ago.



If you have unresolved issues with your marriage partner, you need to let them know. There is no other way. Although it may be easier and faster if you deal with it on your own, if you can’t handle it, you should expect help from your partner. Never let something simmer within you for years. No one is a mind-reader, so make sure you communicate your issues and needs.

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