Your Partner is Married to The Job? – Do This!

Let’s be realistic, there comes a time in every person’s life where your job will have to take priority, a big project, strict deadline, financial year end will take time out of your personal life


Know that you are married to the job when the big project is over. And your partner is still putting work first rather than your relationship?  Being married to a workaholic can be a very difficult hurdle to get over. It will create disconnection in your bond and can create a number of problems.


Balance is the key

Balance is the key word in facing this problem head-on. Open communication, compromise, boundaries and having set time for special bonding time will help to create the perfect balance in creating a healthy and long-lasting bond.


Talk to your partner

Telling your partner that you feel they are putting work first is the first step. Communication is the most important tool in avoiding further confrontation and you have to face it dead on. Hinting that you feel neglected will not do the trick. Keep in mind that your partner might be feeling pressure from work.  And already has his boss blowing steam down their necks. Hence, try and talk to him in a neutral and soft tone, yelling will not create a space to move forward but will put extra strain on the situation.

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When finding a solution compromise will have to be made by both parties, tell your partner you are willing to set boundaries but both parties have to stick to them. Make sure to have set times when all work emails, calls and any work-related conversations are banned. This will create a working guideline for both parties and create a balance between work-life and personal life.

 Set Date Nights

Lastly, go and get the calendar, pick specific dates and times that will suit both of you and have set date nights. Date nights do not have to be extravagant, a picnic in the living room, candlelit dinner or even playing board games with a snack or two is fun and easy options.  Remember to put away the electronics to minimize distraction away from your partner.  No matter what the trick is, to stick to it! Having a set out time to have some special time together will spark conversation and give you something to look forward to.


So even if you met through a marriage meeting on you can try the above tools to help you work at your marriage and grow collectively together. Finding a balance between personal and professional life is one of the most important parts of a marriage. And can result in something wonderful when you keep the communication open and come up with solutions.

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