How to Get Rid of Misconceptions to Save Relationships


When it comes to dating, we are bombarded with all kinds of advice, both helpful and not so much. The result of these years of reading dating columns and relationship tips is that girls hold on to misconceptions that ruin their relationships. In order to move on from this immature thinking and really give yourself a chance for love, it’s time to break some long-time misconceptions that you may have had about relationships. So, if you want to give your relationship a chance and save it, you need to break free from these myths:


Myth number 1. Your Relationship Has to be Perfect


If you let Hollywood romantic comedies get under your skin, you will have so many misconceptions about dating and relationships that you will never make it work. In order to get rid of this misconception, you need to stay grounded: be in the present moment and in real life. No relationship is perfect and neither is yours. No matter how hard you try, it will never be. The best thing you can do is accept this fact and embrace your imperfection.


Myth number 2. You Are Not Like “Other Girls“


The easiest path to wrong assumptions and misconceptions is a generalization. When you think in terms of other girls and their behavior in relationships, you are not actually dealing with the full picture. If you think you should act differently from other girls in relationships because this will make your relationship stronger and impossible to break, that’s a misconception.


Myth number 3. He is Not Like “Other Guys“


When most women meet a new guy and talk about him to their friends, one of the biggest compliments about him they can drop is that “he’s not like other guys“. By other guys, we usually imply sleazy, lying players, and not men generally at all. So, what do you get when you enter a relationship with a “he’s different“ approach? Disappointment and hurt. Instead of ignoring advice and experiences from other people, try to learn from them and apply it to your relationship. Your boyfriend IS like all other guys, and that’s a good thing. This means that you can take tried-out steps to make your relationship better and save it.


Myth number 4. Real Love Relationships are Easy


This could not be further away from the truth. For some reason, we all think that relationships are simple and easy, and if that’s not the case, something must be wrong. Well, humans are incredibly complex beings and there’s no reason why our interpersonal relationships should be even more so! Real, successful relationships require hard work and dedication. If your relationship is bumpy, you need to get rid of the misconception that it should be easy.

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