Trust Issues

Trust Issues: You Lost Her Without Even Knowing Her


As we go through our lives, we encounter many situations that play a role in defining the people we grow into. We take a lot of our relationship cues from witnessing our parents’ marriage. We also learn from our friends’ relationships as well as the relationship image that society and the media portray. Getting into a new partnership can be difficult due to all these influences. A lot of the time we give up on our partner before we even get to know who they really are. This could be because of trust issues. With men, in particular, having commitment issues, they tend to be the ones who jump to conclusions too soon. Have a look at this article to get a better insight.


Misconceptions & Insecurities


The reasons for such actions are mostly limited to a few standard causes. Perhaps the most common scenario is when a man feels that he can find a better partner. He doesn’t want to get tied down to one girl who might not live up to his expectations. Getting into a serious commitment frightens an often subconscious part of his psyche. Because of this, shortly into the relationship, the guy will abandon his girlfriend. Before she has even had the chance to really open up. And reveal the deeper aspects of her personality. Another common setting is when a guy chases a girl away because of his own insecurities. He doesn’t feel good enough to be with her so he runs away before he gets hurt. Again, he ends up denying himself the opportunity to discover the real her.


Self Sabotaging Relationship


The situation is reversed a lot of the time as well. The woman might feel inadequate, letting her own insecurities sabotage the relationship before things get too serious. Where she might be forced to experience more substantial pain. Or maybe she decides that she deserves someone better and quits on the guy. Before they get too comfortable with one another. These actions are sometimes justified in circumstances where the man doesn’t put enough effort into the relationship, leaving the woman no real option but give up on him. There must be some mistakes in observing your partner because of your own trust issues. Because you don’t want to trust the shyness and hesitation in a new relationship.


Break The Barriers Before It Ends


What people need to understand in these scenarios is that it takes time to overcome those first introductory stages of a partnership. You need to break down the initial relationship barriers before you can know the true being underneath the surface. Naturally, we keep ourselves guarded so that we can put people through a vetting process before we decide whether they can be trusted or not. For some people, this evaluation period can go on for months or even years before they finally let their walls down and allow themselves to be vulnerable.


Patience Has A Sweet Fruit at The End


If you’re too quick to judge somebody, you might end up regretting the choice to let them go. Your partner could have been the greatest thing that ever happened to you, but if you’ve given up on them too soon, you’ll probably never know just how great your bond might have been. You need to learn to have patience before making any rash decisions that will profoundly affect the course of your life. In the end, You have to let go of any trust issues because once you’ve opened up to your partner you’ll enjoy your life to the fullest.


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