Monogamous Relationship: Things To Know

Monogamous Relationship: Important Things To Know

Monogamy is typically defined as a couple that has chosen to remain romantically and sexually exclusive

Different people have different ideas about a monogamous relationship, and without an in-depth conversation about each individual’s interpretation of monogamy, the relationship leaves you vulnerable to misunderstandings.


One person’s idea of faithfulness can be drastically different from another. After meeting your match on it is important to figure out exactly what loyalty means to your partner without making any assumptions.


Different Ideas About Monogamous Relationship

There are a few grey areas when it comes to monogamy with one of the most contentious being porn and masturbation. Strictly monogamous and traditional couples may feel that masturbating over a third party is an act of betrayal.

You are in a monogamous relationship? You should negotiate from the get-go about your personal view on the matter and future expectations. However, medical scines approves masturbation in moderation. According to experts, masturbation is healthy and no one should try to stop you from that experience.

The second grey area lies in the realm of cybersex. Some believe that sexting and phone sex with strangers (that they have no intention of ever meeting) is okay. Regardless of the lack of physical contact. If you keep such an affair secret from your partner. It will likely cause them to feel they have been cheated on. It goes without saying that any form of secretive sexuality is probably not a good thing. And you need to figure out a way to talk with your partner about including a virtual third person.

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The Risks of Non-Monogamous Relationships

We are taught from a young age that monogamy is the ultimate form of love. Yet we know that as humans, we are prone to experiencing primal urges and tend to make mistakes.

Statistically, infidelity affects a whopping 50% of marriages. And in light of the findings, many people have chosen to redefine monogamy completely.

Open relationships have become popular, and the rules vary from relationship to relationship. Generally, an experimental monogamous relationship couple will agree to a committed and exclusive emotional connection. It mainly means to explore alternative sexual experiences. However, there are significant risks that couples carry when in a monogaous relationship.

While opening up the relationship with other people might seem like a great solution. Don’t forget that sex itself is an incredibly bonding experience. This is due to the hormone Oxytocin, which is released during sex and increases levels of trust and intimacy between the people involved.

Remember multiple sexual partners will run you into the risk of contracting an STI and unintentionally passing it on to your partner. The test result can often mislead you, due to the delay in receiving them, and people don’t always tell the truth.

When you are in a committed monogamous relationship. You will never have to worry about catching a life-changing illness. In fact, If you opt to commit completely to one partner? You will create a safe and loving relationship that will last for a lifetime. Each of you will feel a sense of comfort that is free from paranoia and insecurity.


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