Weak Man

Weak Man: What are the Surprising Signs in a Relationship


Being in a relationship with a weak man is like not even being in a relationship at all. Even though some men display their weaknesses more prominently than others, it is vital that you check for certain weak signs within a man’s character to ensure the success of your future. Your man might be extremely powerful at work, he has a lot of employees and he achieves great success every day. But all of these powerful characteristics seem to disappear whenever he steps into the house. He doesn’t display his power with you in your relationship and this makes you feel like the leader of the relationship and not a team mate.


You Have to Smother Him

Weak men need someone to look after them. It’s like when they get home, they are looking for someone to kiss they’re boo-booed and brush their hair. They can’t do anything for themselves and they expect you to do everything for them. Washing their clothes, making them food, bringing them snacks and picking up after them.


He Can’t Discuss Serious Things

You need to talk to him about your future or about solutions to a serious problem, and all he does is to avoid the topic. He seems to laugh it off or not care about it at all. The fact is, he probably doesn’t know how to deal with the problem or he just doesn’t want to. Strong men aren’t scared of difficult and challenging situations.


He Doesn’t Defend Your Honor

You’ve been in many situations, especially in public, where you’ve felt attacked by someone in the conversation. Your man just never seems to stand up for you. It’s like he freezes and pretends that what was said, wasn’t. A strong man won’t let others talk about you in a bad or disrespectful way.


He Doesn’t Want to Take on Any Responsibility

Responsibilities usually lay on your shoulders. You have to make sure the finances are in order; the bills are paid and that there’s food in the house. While he enjoys himself and lives a care-free existence. You’ve asked him numerous times to help you with some of the responsibility but he just doesn’t step up to the plate.


You Should Always Make All the Difficult Decisions

There’s no depending on him, as he disappears whenever difficult decisions should be made. And end up making all the decisions for your future.


You Are Constantly Nagging Him

You’ve found yourself in situations where you are constantly nagging him about something. You have to dictate his every move because it’s like he has no spine. He is constantly acting like a kid and you have to guide him and advise him on how to act like a man. It’s difficult to be in a relationship with a man who doesn’t show power and control. Mothering a man who acts like a boy shouldn’t be part of your relationship. If you are in a relationship with a weak man, you need to think about your future. Read relationship advice on GoMarry.com and take control of the situation.

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