My Husband Smothers Me

Living as a couple can be lovely. However, for some people who need more independence and alone time, living with someone else can feel really smothering. Of course, you love your husband and you want to continue your marriage. But, how can you handle this feeling of your husband smothering you?

  1. Tell Him

Just like any other relationship problem, it cannot be solved by just one person. Marriage is a two-person partnership, so it requires both of you to put in your efforts in order to solve something.

Don’t bottle up your frustration and anger before expressing your feelings to your partner. However hard it may seem, you should tell your husband that you feel like he’s smothering you. Do this is in a sensitive and kind way and you can start approaching the problem together.

  1. Find Your Own Activities

If you feel like, everywhere you look, your husband is always around, you should take some space and time for yourself. You can join the local hobby groups with sports or arts. The point is that you take some time to be without your husband. Who knows, you’ll probably even start missing him. But, how can you look forward to being around someone if they’re always there? So, to re-ignite the feeling of seeing him again after a couple of hours, go do your own thing for a couple of times a week.

  1. Take a Vacation Alone

This may seem like a drastic measure, but we’re not talking about going to Tibet for 2 years. If you feel smothered by your husband, just one day of complete alone time can sometimes do the trick. Visit a resort or a tourist spot nearby and go for a 1-2 day vacation. This will give you a full battery recharge and you’ll be ready to go on with your couple life.

Of course, before going, make sure that your husband is ok with this. If he seems unhappy about this, try to rationally and calmly explain to him that this is something you need and something you’ll benefit from.

  1. Help Him to Improve

Usually, there are a couple of reasons that are the cause of your husband smothering you. Firstly, it may simply be his relationship and behavior pattern. If this is the case, it can be solved through conversation and even therapy.

However, if the reason is that you’re the primary focus of your life, you should help him step out of his comfort zone a bit. Has he stopped hanging out with his friends? Does he have any hobbies? If you help him leave your love nest without you, it might be good for both of you.

He will get a fresh perspective on the world out there, and you’ll get your desired feeling of privacy and freedom.


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