How important is passion in a relationship


Many couples who visit a couple’s therapist or wonder about the state of their relationship think that the most prominent issue is the lack of passion. This concept of fire, spark, or chemistry is given a lot of importance in today’s dating and relationship world. Many people even think that it’s the most important thing in a relationship and leave partners solely due to lack of passion.

For those who are wondering about the concept of passion and its role in an adult relationship, a question arises: How important is passion in a relationship? Is it possible to have a loving, long-term relationship without passion? Is the lack of passion sign of some other, deep-rooted problem in your relationship? Let’s answer these and some other questions one by one.


What is Passion?

Passion is an abstract concept, just like love. This is why many people are confused whether they’re experiencing passion or something else.

If you’re not even sure whether you’re passionate in your relationship, think about what the concept means to you. Forget about other people’s definitions and concepts and listen to your gut. However, if you’re not sure, to begin with, you’re probably experiencing a lack of passion in your relationship.

Passion can be connected to feelings of lust and infatuation. These are intense, but short-term emotions that can be easily confused with love. Successful long-term relationships, like the ones you can find on, are based on love, and not lust and infatuation.


Are Passionless Relationships Possible?

Many people are in long-term, stable marriages without any passion. If you ask these couple about their opinion, most of them would say that passion is overrated.

The simplest way to put it is: relationships that are very passionate and lustful can easily fall apart, while marriages with no passion can last for many, many years and be very enjoyable and fruitful.


Cause for Lack of Passion

Couples who experience a lack of passion in their relationship are often worried that the cause is much deeper and actually a symptom of a more important problem.

This may be the case, but it’s often not. A decrease in passion is a sign that you got your comfortable with your partner and that your relationship has entered a new stage. Each new love begins with a lot of passion, but the decrease in lust and passion doesn’t have to be a bad sign.

You can see your passion decrease as a sign that your partner and you are feeling more secure and comfortable in your relationship.

If the cause for your lack of passion is something else, you should try communicating and working together with your partner to find where the issue lies.


How to Make Your Relationship More Passionate?

If you’ve recognized a lack of passion as a problem that’s influencing your relationship. Together you can work with your partner and take proactive efforts to revive the love in your relationship.

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