I Need A Break: When It’s the Only Solution in a Relationship

I Need A Break: When It’s the Only Solution in a Relationship

I need a break is a sentence none of us want to hear coming out of the mouth of our partner. In a relationship, whether new or mature, it’s one of the worst things you can imagine


For many people, needing a break usually implies that the relationship has come to its end. Hence they see this sentence as a synonym to We need to break up.

Needing space does not mean that your partner necessarily wants to break up with you. If you or your partner expressed the wish for some space, it means that you actually want to salvage the relationship and continue with it. Otherwise, you would have simply broken up.

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When you experience this ‘break’ torture, whichever side of the break request you may be, you may rack your brain as to what is the reason for this. In this article, we’re listing the possible reasons why one of the partners would need a break from a relationship.


  1. They’re confused

Taking a break from a relationship usually means that the person is utterly confused and cannot figure out what to do with the relationship from within it. This means that your relationship is so intense and complicated that one of the partners simply needs to zoom out in order to see it clearly and see what they want to do.


  1. They only need some space

If you’re a clingy person, you might scare away your partner, which can result in them asking for a break. You might be really compatible and great together. But if your partner feels like they need space, they will either ask for it or simply leave the relationship. Don’t judge their decision and respect their wishes.


  1. They’re hurt

A break request may happen after one of the partners gets seriously hurt. After an avalanche of apologies and talks, things are still not settled. The hurt partner does not want to leave the relationship, but they don’t feel good in it. In this scenario, someone who has been hurt might ask for a break in order to get their feelings together.

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  1. Need for alone time

Everyone needs some alone time every now and then. There are numerous reasons why a person might wish to spend a couple of weeks or months alone, focused on their own growth and well-being. For example, a person suffering from depression or anxiety might find it very hard to be in a relationship, so they will ask for a break. If you really love the person you’re with, you will respect their wish for their alone time.

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