No More Empty Promises, I Just Want Honest Efforts

How to Know If You’re in a Relationship With a Liar with Empty Promises

Saying no more to empty promises is the order of the day. Hoping that people will stick to their promises after breaking them each time, can take a lot out of you

The funny thing is, once you are in a relationship with Mr. or Ms. Broken Promise, you won’t even realize that they are doing it. Love is blind!

Here are some things to take note of when you think you are in a relationship with someone who is constantly coming up with empty promises

  1. Don’t forget his initial sales pitch

Men are at their best behavior at the beginning of the relationship. They brag and say things to boast themselves. They are doing this to sell themselves to you, they want you to think that they are the best car available and that you shouldn’t think about purchasing another.

Don’t forget the things he said, for example He is a family man or he spends all of his spare time at the old age home with his grandma. When you start dating, check up on this – is he really a family man? Because initially you really liked this fact about him, it may be even made you fall in love with him. But if it’s not true, he lied then!

Perhaps by showing empty promises, he has told you that he is very organized and clean. Who doesn’t like a man who cleans up after himself? But what to do when you go to his apartment and turns out to be the absolute opposite.

  1. He constantly comes up with excuses (that you believe)

You have shown your corners to him a few times about his empty promises. But every time you ask him why he didn’t follow through – he has a great excuse as to why he didn’t. You believe him every time, why wouldn’t you? You are falling in love with him.

Don’t be oblivious to his lies. If a man doesn’t follow up on his promises, he will keep on disappointing you.

  1. He doesn’t follow through

As simple as that – You have been asking him to take you to the park for weeks now. Every day he promises that he will do it, but he just never makes an effort in taking you. Probably this isn’t important to him or maybe your hopes aren’t that important to him.

You’ve found yourself crying on the couch too many times, with him consoling you with another empty promise. He just makes these promises to avoid a fight or to have you stop crying. Not because he really commits to following through.

If you aren’t happy and you are constantly feeling that your expectations aren’t met or that you are always hoping for something to happen. You should run for the hills as soon as possible.

Every person deserves someone who is honest. A relationship can only flourish when both people open up and tell the truth. If you discovered that you are in a relationship with Mr. or Mrs. Broken Promises then you are probably sick and tired of all the lies.

Say goodbye to the lies and the half-hearted efforts and find yourself a partner worth your love!

I’ve got a solution for you. Find someone who is honest at A person who wants to get married and put in a lot of effort to keep his or her promises and to keep you happy. At first, you may be a bit reluctant, but signing up for a Marriage only Relationship can be so rewarding.

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