Para-Social Relationship

Para-Social Relationship: What is It & How to Deal in One


Have you ever felt close to a celebrity or character even though you’ve never met them in real life? Have you ever wondered what a public figure, a singer, or a TV celebrity would do, even when you’re not watching them on-screen? If you have imagined that you have a secret romantic relationship with Kim Kardashian, or that Bella Hadid is your best friend, or created a universe where you could hang out with Batman every day (I know I did)—then you’re suffering from such a Para-Social relationship.

Para-Social relationship!

In simple words, it’s one-sided love. The person involved in such a relationship extends emotional energy, time and interest, while the other individual, the persona, doesn’t even know about the existence of such a relationship. These types of relationships are common with fictional characters, celebrities, social media or TV stars, and organizations (such as sports teams). These are powerful and strong love bonds with persons who can never relate back or you’ve never met them. Such a relationship becomes strong when you get more information about the person, watching interviews on YouTube, reading magazine articles, and learning about their hobbies on Twitter or Instagram.

Identify the level of your relationship

You must be honest in this respect. If you know the degree of your obsession, it will be easy for you to change your thoughts and feelings. Whether you’ve compulsive and intensive feelings about the persona or you’ve uncontrollable behaviors and fantasies, you must identify them.

Sign a behavioral contract

It’s a great idea to sign a behavioral contract and have a friend or family member witness it. Signing the contract will show your commitment that you want to get out of this Para-Social relationship. Further, it will help you to spell out your goals and time frames.

Expand your interests

If you’re too much obsession for someone, you’ll lose the healthy balance of your life. Life becomes unbalanced at times. You should try to learn new things. Expand your interests and hobbies. Try to build healthy and meaningful relationships with new people. You can tell them that you’re trying to get rid of celebrity obsession. People will suggest tips and tricks that you haven’t thought of.

Stop all activities associated with the focus of your obsession

You should start with small things and try to avoid all the things related to your Para-Social relationship. You must stop using social media, watching TV and reading the newspaper. In this way, you can avoid that celebrity or character.

Meet new people; join groups or networks, volunteering

You must join groups and look to help others. If you want to cope better with the stress of trying to make personal change, then serve others.

Seek professional help

Psychologists, psychiatrists or online counselors can help you get rid of your Para-Social relationship. They will also tell you the tips and tricks you need to get your life back on the right track.

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