Spiritual Practice

Should Your Relationship Be a Spiritual Practice? Know All About it


Few rituals in life are as meaningful and grounding as your spiritual practice but should your relationship be included in your daily ritual practice? We at  GoMarry.com are ready to answer that question.


Daily Spiritual Ritual Practice

Spiritual practice does not necessarily mean going to church or a temple to worship. Praying, chanting and meditation do not always contribute to a daily spiritual practice. A spiritual practice is any action you do that opens the mind, heart, and spirit to positivity. It allows us to bond more naturally with everything and everyone around us and it creates a connection to whatever we are open to. Chanting, hymns and meditation are only ways in which we relax our minds in order to reach a spiritual connection.


Identifying Your Spiritual Practice

Something as simple as your morning routine can become your daily spiritual practice. Many people will tell you that their best business ideas or creative work come to them in the shower. Carving out time to identify which daily ritual gives you a deep connection and meaningful communication with those around you will help you integrate others into that time. A lasting spiritual connection with yourself will also help you in all day to day relationships.


Integrating Your Partner Into Your Spiritual Practice

For this example, we will use the daily ritual of showering. Normally, you would get lost in your own thoughts. Your creativity and meaningful thoughts would be internalized and might later manifest themselves as negativity. This is because you have no outlet to express thoughts. By having your partner present and by expressing your thought process you are creating a spiritual bond with them. You will eventually begin to be able to express deeper emotions and share your enlightenment together.


Creating Your Spiritual Ritual Practice For Your Relationship

Creating a ritual pattern with your partner every night may be the single most important thing you ever do. Remember, ritual practice is repetitive and consistent. Brushing your teeth every morning, having your coffee before you leave the house. These are all examples of ritual practices. You may say, “this is a routine, not a ritual”. And you would not be wrong. A routine becomes a spiritual ritual when it has meaning behind it. Once it becomes meaningful and emotions are involved it becomes a spiritual ritual. This is because, whether it is positive or negative, it affects you in a meaningful way.

To create a spiritual practice in your relationship you will need to set out time for your partner to connect. Set aside time at night while you are having dinner to talk on a deeper level than just how was your day. Take the time to make a connection with your partner. Have time every week where you put effort into communication and into physical touch.


Is It Really Needed?

If you want a lasting and meaningful relationship that allows you to communicate on all levels, then yes. GoMarry.com suggests making sure that your partner is able to connect with you on a deeper level. That they are able to express their emotions in a safe place and in a way that allows them to feel connected to you will mean your relationship will be stronger. Every successful relationship practices spiritual rituals, whether they are aware of it or not.

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