Physical Signs

Physical Signs of Love: How to Spot & Stop the Guessing Game


Being in love is a tricky thing. It is easy to say to someone that you love him or to hear someone else say it to you. There are physical signs which also show that someone is in love with you. Knowing these signs will make it easier to identify when it is love and won’t leave you guessing. The signs of love affect the mind, body, and soul of a person. Spotting these signs give an indication of a future relationship.


Butterflies and Excitement

You have most likely had butterflies in your stomach before. It is a sign of excitement, anticipation, and nervousness. You may feel butterflies in your stomach before a date or when you see this person. It may occur later on in the relationship as well, not just at the start of a relationship. Excitement and nervousness are tangible when you love someone. This will be different from what you experienced at the beginning of your relationship. Your excitement will elevate your awareness resulting in talking quickly or feeling like you have ants in your pants. Increased heart rate and sweating are also stimuli from love.


Loving is Addictive

Love is an addiction that few people can live without and addictions make people do strange things. Addictions and hormones result in the body releasing dopamine. It makes you crave even more for love and when you can’t be near the person you love then you start feeling down. You may experience heightened sexual arousal. Kissing, cuddling and being with the person you love makes you want to do more. Just be careful that you don’t move too fast or do something you will regret later. Being around the person you love makes you happy. You want to constantly be around him and close to him. Holding hands and being in the arms of your love is what you crave.


Irrational Actions

Love makes people do strange things. Driving all night to see your loved one or buying 200 roses seems like a normal action to a person in love. Logical thinking and common sense fly out the window. Staring is a strange sign of love. You want to admire your partner and focus on their features. Doing this makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Daydreaming is another clear sign of love and can disrupt your work. Love doesn’t make any sense but it provides us with overriding joy.

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