Wrong Reasons to Break up


There are many reasons to break up an unhealthy relationship, but there are also many reasons why you shouldn’t break up. Sometimes holding on to a relationship can be just as rewarding as letting a bad relationship go.

Many circumstances can make you mad and let you consider breaking things off, but it’s worth re-evaluating the position of the relationship and whether the reason is something concrete enough to let it all go. Remembering that you should avoid making impulsive and irrational decisions based on emotions.

Here is a list of reasons that is not viable enough for you to break it off and rather hold on and work through it.

  1. You had a fight

Fighting is very normal in a relationship. If you had a bad fight about something, you can always wait for emotions to cool down and then have a talk about it. Making sure that you handle disagreements better in the future is an excellent way for your relationship to grow. But definitely not something to break up over.

  1. They were looking at someone else

If you can honestly say that you haven’t noticed an attractive person since you’ve been in a relationship, then this is something to be upset about. As long as they don’t flirt or cheat on you. It’s natural to notice other attractive people.

  1. You feel unhappy

Usually, it’s not your partner making you feel unhappy. Evaluate how you feel at work and amongst your friends. Maybe it’s something else that should change.

  1. You disagree

It’s okay to not agree about everything in your relationship. You don’t want to be dating a clone of you! Agree to disagree sometimes.

  1. You don’t have the same interests

Not having the same interests can keep the relationship fresh. Instead of isolating your partner from your interests, include them by teaching them about your interest. Or encourage them to do more with their interests.

  1. You miss being single

A lot of the time people don’t want to be in relationships because they are scared of commitment or they miss being single. This is not a reason to break up, because you probably met them while you were looking for someone. Rather find ways to give each other more space or do fun things together to make you feel freer.

  1. You dislike one of their bad habits

They do something that irritates you like crazy. Either they are chewing with their mouths open or they have a bad habit of throwing their wrappers all over the kitchen table. Address this bad habit, or accept it! But them being faithful and loving towards you are much more important than their chewing habits.

  1. Your partner doesn’t do everything you ask of them

And they shouldn’t. They aren’t your slave. You should accept them for who they are. And let them do things for you on their own time.

It’s a good idea to try and work things out if you really like someone. If the relationship isn’t toxic or unhealthy, both of you should put in 100% to make it work.

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