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Positive Life: Why You Can’t Live With Negative Mind


In recent years, there has been ample research about the power of positivity.  Having a negative mind is also a choice, whether conscious or not. But, you can’t live a positive life with a negative mind. For those who have the tendency to think negatively, saying “just think positive” is an impossible request.


Our thinking patterns and habits are something we have been developing throughout our lives. Our thinking process embeds them deeply. And it’s very hard to change them overnight. However, when you do decide to change your way of thinking. You will see that your life will drastically change as well. Think about marriage. If you’re going for marriage, but have trouble meeting someone. You might end up in a negative thinking spiral. When you think like this, you will notice and filter only those situations in life that confirm your negative attitude. Through the so-called “law of attraction”, you will actually start attracting people who don’t want to get married.

Positive Thinking

When you actually want to get married and you believe there are people out there who want the same, positive thinking leads you to action. One of the smartest steps to find yourself in a positive environment for marriage is visiting and signing up at GoMarry.com. Our marriage matchmaking website is marriage-only, which means all members are interested in eventually getting married. For someone who thinks positively and believes they will find a partner who wants to get married, that will actually happen. Your positive thinking will urge you to take action and make amazing things happen. This is actually the best thing about positive thinking: negative thinking hinders you, debilitates you and makes you stay in one place, while positive thinking promotes change, new events, and self-improvement. But, how can someone who has a habit of negative thinking change their mind after all these years?


One of the best tools for positive thinking is a meditation for a positive life. Meditation, in general, is an extremely powerful tool for controlling thought processes and reactions. In the beginning, meditation will show you some negative thoughts that you possibly haven’t even been aware of. Secondly, stay away from toxic environments and people. Negativity is contagious. When you spend your time mostly with negative people – people who criticize, complain and give off negative vibes – no matter how much you resist, you will pick up on these vibes and start behaving in the same way.

You can also try guided visualization, which will show you the exact scope of your negative thoughts. There, you will be able to confront them in a concrete and visual way and beat them. Then, you can switch them for positive thoughts in a visual way, which your brain processes much more easily than verbal thoughts.

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