How to Have a Profound Relationship

Deep down everybody has the dire wish of being in a profound and loving relationship. What does it mean to be in a profound relationship? And how can you achieve a profound relationship?


Profound means to have great insight, or having an intense feeling of love. When you are part of a profound relationship you will have a great sense of intensity. The love between yourself and your partner has overcome all judgment and you understand each other’s needs quite prominently.


The two of you have an unconditional love for each other that isn’t filled with lust, criticism, disrespect or grudges. It is special and you are each other’s rocks! You love being with each other but you also support each other’s dreams and aspirations.


It’s not impossible to achieve a profound relationship but you have to realize that being in one doesn’t happen overnight. It takes constant work and input from both parties.


Some things you can do within a relationship to achieve the next level is:

  • Share deep dark secrets or fantasies
  • Spend quality time together and have first-time experiences like hiking a 4-day trial, or cave diving, or skydiving
  • Create intimate moments without having sex. Spend time exploring each other’s bodies and connecting physically without involving lust


Before you can be in a profound relationship you need to have an open heart and be in a committed relationship. It’s important to acknowledge that you’ll never achieve deep love if you are one foot out of the door. That is why I strongly suggest going into a ‘Marriage only Relationships’.


Knowing that the work and effort you put into a relationship won’t be wasted when you break up, but that its time and effort spent towards your future emotional well-being is a great feeling and it motivates you to put more in. offers a ‘Marriage only Matchmaking’ service where you can meet like-minded singles who want to meet up through Marriage Meetings and start working towards profound relationships.


When both parties want something valuable and real, they will commit from the start. Spending time and investing energy into relationships that don’t hold the promise of a marriage can be extremely exhausting and emotionally draining.


If you want a profound relationship and if you want something that can last a lifetime and achieve a deepness that is profound, sign up to today!

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