100. Sign the pre-nup

Marriage is as real as anything we face in life, including divorce. We therefore need to prepare for the worst.

Regardless of opinion you must sign this document. I don’t care if you think this is setting yourself up for failure or not showing full commitment to the marriage. This type of thinking is rubbish. Sign the bloody document to make things easier if God forbid your marriage ends through a divorce. I demand it.

We need to prepare for the worst now even though we hope it will never happen. Remember this marriage is based on logic not lust.

Don’t make this a trust issue. In order to have a successful marriage, and trust me on this, you need to sign a prenuptial. The law is not always right or fair.

I want you to discuss this from the onset, a billion different things can affect a marriage, this should not be one of them.

People who make a big issue out of signing a prenuptial are probably there to get your money. No one owes anyone anything.

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