Red Flags

Red Flags: You Need to Avoid in Dating


If you have been looking to have a perfect relationship, you will need to avoid and keep some things away from your relationship. These red flags could affect your relationship and ruin the charm of your dating experience.


Avoid lies

Being honest and truthful is highly important in a relationship. Catching your partner lying could be a red flag in your relationship. Truth should be the foundation. If they are not honest with you, this relationship should not be continued. Moreover, never forget to look deeper into the situation. Make sure that it was not some misunderstanding as most of the relations get spoiled only due to this single word – misunderstanding. If it happens, then you will have to regret the whole life that you lost true love.


Avoid onscreen preoccupation

If your partner is continuously on their phone and they are not spending some quality time with you, this could be another red flag that they are incapable of giving you undivided time and attention. It is important to spend quality time; overutilization of technology and the unavailability of giving quality time can disturb a dating relationship. Make sure he or she is not flirting with someone else as this can be a very strong reason for not giving much attention to you.


Be available

Being available to your partner is the essence of a healthy relationship. If your partner is only available or interested in spending time during the night, it could be the red flag of your relationship. Your partner should make you a priority in his or her life; you should not be an option to be with during night-time. Do not let anyone exploit you and your availability.

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Express your love openly

Your partner should bring an acceptance perspective to your relationship. If you feel that he or she is hesitant to speak about your dating relationship in front of the world, then it could be another red flag to your dating relationship. You should look at your relationship with a grain of salt if he or she is hiding your association for others. Your relation should be open, and you should be clear about your goals. If your partner is not ready to make your relation public, he or she might have some other preferences.


Set boundaries

A healthy dating relationship has boundaries, which should be respected by both partners. If your partner is not considerate in respecting your opinions and limitations in the relationship, then it could be an alarming sign to consider in your dating relationship. Your partner should give weight to your thoughts and ideas.

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