118. What is your proudest achievement?

111. What is your proudest achievement?

This question gives you more insight into the type of person you are potentially getting married to. It will reveal their mindset and please for the sake of everything Holy, do not marry someone who does not align with your own mindset. Doing so will be a lonely journey. So ensure you take full advantage of this question, learn as much as you can so you can find a companion and not a ball chain.

Achievements come in all forms, to some, it might be graduating at the top of their class, to others helping street children, or getting themselves out of poverty or maybe overcoming a mental issue or disability, etc.

Receiving an answer to this question will greatly help you see their definition of success and achievements. So ponder the following:

  • Would you want someone who only sees monetary achievement as success?
  • Do you value their effort & vice versa?
  • Maybe you are an overachiever and they are don’t have the same appetite. Will they be holding you back?
  • Maybe you value spending on others as an achievement and they spending on themselves.


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